Week In Preview, March 14th, 2021

“Whether you think you can or you can’t either way you are right.”    

– Henry Ford


Black Market Raw Glutamine

Your muscle fibers take a beating after tough WODs, and when it’s time to recover sleep isn’t the only thing your body needs. One of the most abundant amino acids found in muscle is Glutamine. Its roles  include being a important neurotransmitter for brain activities and alleviating muscle soreness post-WOD. There’s no secret why high level athletes keep this in their supplement cabinet or gym bag.



Weekly WODs: 


Crossfit  – Nowhere to Row, Nowhere to Hide

We’ve got a two-piece strength and conditioning workout beginning with an E2MOM of either a clean and jerk or power snatch. Our strength is solely athlete choice. Athletes should be prepared to keep their heart in their throats for a full fifteen minutes. We have rower sprints, ground-to-overhead, and slam balls. Athletes can opt for plate ground to overhead if they want to make this one a little less spicy. You do you boo boo.

We love burn because it takes only 30 minutes to leave you laying on the floor gasping for air.  Our workout today will fry the lower-body and grip. Athletes will knock out four rounds for time of Russian swings and rower calories.


Crossfit  – Squat Day + “Speed Demon”

We’ll be prepping for our conditioning with four sets of 3 moderately-heavy back squats. Our conditioning will make up-downs feel way more challenging than normal. The WOD for today pairs high-rep front squats with kick-backs.


Today’s Burn is seven sets of heaven. We have burpees and rower intervals with rest incorporated in between sets. Athletes should really smash the gas on each interval in order to improve power output.


Crossfit – Butterfingers

Your grip will be toast after today’s workout so be prepared to stretch out those forearms after class. Gymnastics is the overall theme of today’s class starting with a short gymnastics skill session. For the conditioning athletes will complete 5 rounds for time of a gymnastics pull of their choice, Russian swings, and double-unders. The cash-out for this workout will be an 800 meter running interval.


The key for today’s workout is elbow positioning. Anytime we go overhead we must keep the elbows completely locked out for safety.  Today’s double six minute AMRAP is full of overhead stability challenges. We have dumbbell snatches, overhead lunges, and double-unders.


Crossfit –  Full Body Flow

We’ve planned a recovery day in preparation for the release of 21.2. Our workout is for quality and will consist of front squats, ground to overhead, and med ball sit-ups.


You’ll be jumping rope quite a bit today so be sure to pack your calves when head to the gym. Our short workout consists of rower intervals, single-unders, and running.


Crossfit  – Open 21.2

Be sure to check Wodify Thursday night to prepare yourselves for Friday’s WOD.


Burn athletes will have a workout modeled after the Crossfit Open workout that will be released on Thursday night. That means you’ll be able to join in on all the fun!


 8am Crossfit – Clean Complex + “DT”

Our early morning fitness fanatics will get an opportunity to work up to a heavy complex of a deadlift, hang power clean, and overhead pressing variation of their choice (push jerk or split jerk). The good news is you’ll be fighting with barbell after the strength in a CFK favorite named “DT”.


10:15am Crossfit – Level 2

 One of our locations will be hosting a re-run of 21.2 and the other location will be getting their “DT” on!

Burn’s 15 minute EMOM will toast the shoulders and the lungs. Athletes should expect to see up-downs EMOM as well as renegade rows, push-ups, and suitcase deadlifts.

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