Week In Preview – March 13th, 2017

What a week in the Open!  We had difficult gymnastics and heavy weights for EVERYONE this week.  We saw more PRs this week both in getting chest to bar pull-ups and snatch weights both in Rx and Scaled.  Great work everyone!

Looking forward in this week we want to go ahead and mention


CFK is hosting week 4 of the Open along with our co-hosts Scruffy City CrossFit, CrossFit Farragut, and Progenex!  We will also have our very own Alison Oakes there with Naked Foods.

Again, it’s Saturday Morning Lights, so we’ll be starting at 11 a.m. on Saturday and going until about 3 p.m.

And we need volunteers!  E-mail Coach Rick or sign up on the sheet at the gym!

We won’t just be doing the Open workout either!  We will have side competitions for some sweet prizes!

Let’s see what’s in store for week 4 of the Open!

Monday – Thruster Buster

There’s a lot of work to be done today!  Take 7 minutes to build to a heavy single on your thruster.  Doesn’t have to be a 1 RM, just heavy, because following that we’re doing Jackie!  1k Row, 50 thrusters (45/35), and 30 pull-ups.  We may be starting a pool to see if we get thrusters in 17.4….

Tuesday – Pi Day!

Today will be a short and fast day.  In the warm-up and accessory work, focus on precise movements and perfecting patterns.  The workout will be 3 rounds of double unders, push-ups and hang power cleans.  If you wanna stay super paleo for pie day, check out this paleo shepherd’s pie recipe for the crockpot!

Wednesday – Shoulder Pump

Break out the Tank Tops on Wednesday, guys and gals!  Get warmed up with some handstand work, followed up with Push Jerks and Split jerks.  We’ll come out of the rack, but this won’t be your normal max.  Without putting the bar back, perform 3 push jerks + 1 split jerk!  If you get done early, drop down and do a few sets at a lighter weight.

Thursday – Leg Day

No squats, but our friend from 17.2 shows back up with the weighted lunge.  Everyone is doing 50 feet of weighted walking lunges, followed by KB Swings, and a 400 m run.

Friday – NOT 17.4, but Partner Day!

This one is called “Tail Pipe”.  3 rounds of rowing 250 meters with a partner.  Only one partner is rowing, while the other holds 2 kettlebells (53/35) in the front rack position WITH handles touching.  Any time they are not there, the other partner cannot row.  That’s only Part 1!  Part 2, 1 minute after completing Tail Pipe, will be a 400 meter farmer’s carry with your same kettlebells or heavier.  One partner carries at a time, switch off when you need to.

Saturday – Saturday Morning Lights!

SML is here!  No classes at either location, but head to the West gym at 11 a.m. for food, fun, and lots of CrossFit!

Looking forward to a great week ahead!

This week we have a recipe from one of our own, Gary Phillips!  He found this gem on halfbakedharvest.com and shared it with us.  It’s an alternative to normal potato skins!  Follow that link and try them for yourself!

Keep your eye out for the newsletter tomorrow with our athletes of the month and athlete accomplishments for February!  Stay tuned!

See you on the floor!

-Coach Scott