Week in Preview – March 12, 2018

“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.” — Mark Twain


9 Years Strong


Come celebrate with us this Saturday!  9 years ago this Saturday CFK Opened its doors in the Cedar Bluff shopping center.  So much has changed over the years, but our goal of making people better at life has never wavered.  Check our social media this week for come classic pics and interviews.

Fit3D Update


Fit3D is updating their software on the 14th and we’re updating our availability!  If you haven’t already gotten a scan, why haven’t you?  We hear so much that people want to “get in shape” for the scan, but why not get the scan now, get something to motivate you, and seem some great results in 8 weeks?  Book now!  West and North links.


Crossover Symmetry


Still haven’t gotten to a CS workshop?  Why are you putting it off??  Your shoulders will thank you for coming.  This week it’s at west after 18.4, so sign up to stick around and take care of your shoulders!  Don’t believe us?  Check out this testimonial from Ben Bergeron, long time CF coach and coach of 2 CrossFit Games Champs.



The Week


Monday – 18.3


Last chance opportunity to get in 18.3!  This is a high skill dominate workout.  Lots of double unders, lots of muscle ups.  Scaled has pull-ups.  This is a great representation of what the Open is about and what we talked about from the beginning:  pushing yourself to do new things.  All around the world the CrossFit community has seen athletes get their first muscle ups and their first pull-ups.  It’s amazing to watch!  And yes, many of us spent the better part of 14 minutes trying to get those lifetime firsts, but it’s about the effort and trying something new.  If you’re close on either movement, try it in the workout!  You never know what may happen.


Tuesday – Whip Lash


Five rounds of 3 minutes of work, 1 minute of rest.  Consider these to be 3 min AMRAPs with a 1 minute rest.  You’ll spend 1 minute each on the rower/bike/ski erg (choose one), wall balls, and slam balls.  Don’t try to go too hard on the first movement, but try to move constantly for 3 minutes with very little transition/rest time.


Wednesday – Sunny Side


Begin the day with 3 position power snatches.  Work to a heavy single of the complex, but with good form and no misses.  Remember that perfect practice makes perfect.  Work on accelerating the barbell with your legs, driving through the heels, and landing in a good power stance, a stance which is stable but that you could also continue into a squat (i.e. no starfish stance).


Follow that with a metcon of 5 min AMRAPs.  Each AMRAP is 5 min with a 30×10 meter shuttle “sprint” buy-in.  Stay at a steady pace on the shuttles and stay low with fast feet.  After the 30 reps, complete as many rounds of 3 power snatches and 6 lateral barbell burpees in the remaining time.  You should be tired, but should have a weight on the bar and speed on the burpees that you can move continuously.  It’s only 5 minutes!


Thursday – Squat Day!


This is the last week of adding 5 lbs to the back squat before we retest!  Make sure to get it in!  Between sets we’ll work on handstands.


Friday – Boat Crew


Teams of 3 work for 25 minutes to row as many calories as possible.  Here’s how it goes:  Partner 1 rows 20/15 calories, then completes 7 box jumps, 7 chest to bar pull-ups.  Partner 2 begins on the rower as soon as partner 1 is done.  As soon as partner 2 finishes on the rower, he/she moves on to the box jumps and pull-ups while partner 3 hops on the rower.  Try to finish your round BEFORE the rower is free so you can get some rest.  Otherwise, someone should always be rowing!  Your score today is total calories rowed!


Saturday – 18.4


The penultimate installment of the 2018 Open!  It has FLOWN by!  We can’t wait to see what’s up next.


The Week in Post-view


Lots of cool things happened this last week.  Did you see the KPD recruits out North?  They showed amazing teamwork and held our philosophy of “no one’s done until everyone’s done” to the highest standard.  Did you get a PR?  Or did you come to a realization that it’s time to fix a few holes in your game?  Imagine if you spent this much time throughout the week trying to improve those things?


We know there’s no way to guess what Dave Castro is actually programming, and it’s made worse if you try and guess from his instagram.  Just check out this hint and the summary of it.

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