Week in Preview – March 11th, 2019

“It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.” — Earl Weaver


CFK Volunteer Day  (Keep Knoxville Beautiful)


If you’d like to help CFK pick up trash on March 30th, see details below, E-mail Rick with your shirt size.  We had a group for the North Knoxville cleanup and had  a blast!

What: South Knoxville Community Cleanup
When: 3/30/19 9am-12pm – ish (possibly a local brewery to follow)
Where: We’ll meet at the old Kay’s Ice Cream.  6200 Chapman Highway at 8:30


Got Low Back Pain?


Do you have low back pain in general, or get low back pain when we do certain lifts like deadlifts, kettebell swings, or squats?  It may not be a problem with your back, but your core instead!  When we say “core” we actually mean just that, your core.  The center of you, and not just the front side where you want to see abs popping . We’re talking the whole bundle of muscle that wraps all away around you.


This Wednesday at 5:30 out North, Coach Johnny will be doing a 30 min workshop on low back protocol and how to fix and prevent low back pain.  Come check it out!


Friday Night Lights


Most of the scores are in, but we will find out soon which gym will be hosting the final Open workout.  We’ll be doing it Friday Night Lights style with all athletes going to one gym for some workin’ out and grillin’.  Get excited because it’s one of the best nights of the year!


The Week


Monday – 19.3


Everyone is going to get upside down!  The CrossFit Games certainly threw us for a loop this year by throwing strict handstand push-ups into the Open workout.  What is even crazier is that our scaled workout is very close to the RX workout.  All men are using the same weight of dumbbell at 50 lbs and all females are using a 35 lb dumbbell.  The one change is the difference between overhead walking lunges and front rack walking lunges.  After that the step ups are the same for everyone!  Also, everyone has strict handstand push-ups.  Scaled gets the benefit of a 5 inch target, so not quite as low to the ground!  Get ready to conquer some fears!


Tuesday – Squat Day


After all that lunging you should be very aware of your glutes, so make use of that on squat day!  Add a little weight and we’ll also have some core work in between.


Wednesday – Overhaul


Practice power snatches in the beginning of class.  Work to a moderate complex of 3 position power snatch.  That means coming from the high hang, mid hang, and from the floor.  Follow up with a quick chipper of 50 box jumps, 40 pull-ups, and 30 power snatches.  There will be a 12 min time cap.


Thursday – This One


Lots of dumbbell work in this 15 min AMRAP.  Start with 25 sit-ups, then 20 double dumbbell hang clean and jerks, and 15 dumbbell front squats.


Friday – Round and Round


Today is about getting some long runs in.  Don’t worry, there will be scaling!  But we want you to try and run long.  In 10 min, run 1 mile and with whatever time left complete max effort calories.  Straight into another mile in 10 min or less and then complete as many sets of flutter kicks and shoulder taps in the remaining time.  Right into another mile with max reps of burpees in the remaining 10 minutes.  Try to keep your mile times consistent.


Saturday – 19.4


What are your predictions??