Week In Preview June 9th, 2019

“During the hard times, it’s important to focus on the things you can change in that moment instead of what you should have or could have done differently.” – Annie Thorisdottir, Crossfit athlete

CBD Pre-Order Due Monday!

Time to get your CBD pre-order in! CBD is a great way to calm the central nervous system back to homeostasis for those that have stress or anxiety. Even if you aren’t quite out yet, get your order in by Monday night and take advantage of a 15% discount!   We will be carrying a new brand of CBD, JuJu Royal. Their products are organic, THC free, and contain terpenes that have been added back in for flavor and specific benefits. Their tinctures are available in 1500mg bottles and are available in pineapple tangerine, mango, & mint. They also have a CBD olive oil for all of you clever chefs. Check out the table below or their website for more information.


Upcoming Events:

CFK Camping Trip

We’re so excited about this! We’ve reserved a loop in the Bandy Creek Campground in the Big South Fork July 12-14 for a summer camping/hiking/biking/river-wading/fishing trip! If you like to get outdoors, put this on your calendar now! Plenty of room for tents, center pavilion for group dinners, pool, showers, and tons of outdoor activities in the Big South Fork. Bring the whole family, stay for an afternoon, a night, or the entire weekend!  Look for an email with more details.


Hello flexi fitness fanatics! Starting this month Yogability will be included in all CrossFit memberships with a $15 drop in fee for non-members. These 45 minute flow classes will be at 8am on Saturday’s every other week, alternating locations. We will kick things off at West the 15th and North on the 29th.  Come love on the body and most importantly, the mind. Learn how to sequence breath with movement, gain mobility, core strength, body awareness, and stability. Simply bring yourself and your matt and we’ll get flowing!


Weekly WODS:


Monday – Rope Climb Conditioning


Bring your leg protection on Monday! We will be taking the first portion of the class to work on rope climbing technique and mechanics. Don’t have rope climbs? It’s okay! We can practice coming from the ground, or nailing the perfect J-Hook from the box.

Tuesday – Quad Cooker


Test day has arrived! We will be testing our 5RM on the squat we have chosen for the current cycle. We have an additional opportunity to ring the PR bell after the squats. Part two of the workout will test our grit with a max effort 500m row. Don’t Give Up!

Wednesday – Snatch Chipper


We will begin the class with a technique focused EMOM that will prime our shoulders for overhead movements in the WOD! The workout is a chipper that consists of burpees over the bar, hang snatches, and double-unders.

Thursday – What’s your Weakness


Prepare to work on those movements you’ve always wanted to master! Our focus today is the flashy movements of crossfit. Some of these movements include strict toes to bar, muscle-ups, and pistols. If you are new to these more complex movements we will work their respective progressions!

Friday – Squats and Shuttles


Day 5 of the training week leads us into 5 sets of short intense AMRAPs.  We will be pushing our limits on the assault bike, shuttle runs, and heavy dumbbell front squats for a leg scorching workout.

Saturday – Community WOD


If you push the pace in this WOD you will reap the reward. Your reward is your recovery! In this partner workout, athletes will complete an assigned number of reps as a team against a running clock. The workout includes abmat sit-ups, dumbbell snatches, and a partner 400m run.

Saturday – Level 2


Today is an excellent day to update Wodify with some new PRs! We will be taking 15 minutes to build to a 1RM clean and jerk, and prepare ourselves for a partner workout that includes clean and jerks at lighter loads.