Week In Preview, June 7th, 2020

“Rock bottom became the solid foundation in which I rebuilt my life.” 


–  J.K Rowling



Is your old stinky gym bag just not cutting it anymore?

Ready to upgrade your gear?

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Only for the month of June!!!

How to Win

  1. Attend One Burn Class = 1 total entry
  2. Bring A Buddy to Burn = 3 total entries
  3. Social Media Post = 6 total entries

*Social Media post must meet ALL these criteria:

CFK Athlete performing 5 Burpees on video

CFK Logo or Sticker somewhere in the video

Tag CFK and King Kong Apparel in the post

Insert the hashtag #fitterknoxville into your post



Have fun with this one! Make us laugh, be creative, and maybe you’ll win!

We will draw every Friday at 3pm, so you will have from Monday to Thursday to enter a qualified entry. We will draw and post a video of the winner and contact them that afternoon.

Weekly WODs (CrossFit):


Monday – Mindful

In most of the workouts we do our strategies and plans get thrown out the window at 3,2,1 go! In today’s  lower intensity effort we will be focusing on intentional training. The intensity from this workout will come from your focus on positioning, technique, and training tempo. Our workout will focus on ring rows, bike calories, slam balls, and slam ball pass-throughs.


Tuesday – Squat Day Week 4 + QAMRAP

We’ll add five pounds this week to our regular squat cycle, and hone in on some less frequent movements in our conditioning. Our post-squat conditioning session will have us sweating bullets as we move purposefully through dumbbell lateral  box step-ups and renegade rows.


Wednesday – Front Rack Attack

Our workout for day 3 incorporates gymnastics and weightlifting into a surprisingly sweaty combination. Today’s WOD includes kettlebell front rack lunges, both variations of the kettlebell swing( American and Russian), and your choice of burpee pull-ups or muscle-ups.


Thursday – Midline Massacre

Our workout today will challenge your ability to hold great hollow-body mechanics in the box walk to pike. Our midline stability for these pikes will be challenged from multiple rounds of deadlifts, rower calories, and double-unders.


Friday  –  Rest When You Need To, Not When You HAVE To

It’s time to wake up your gymnastic muscles. Day 5’s workout is one of the first opportunities we’ve had to attempt high volume gymnastics movements. We highly suggest scaling today’s gymnastics portion and finding an appropriate variation of the push-up to keep you moving for 16 to 18 minutes.


Saturday – Crossfit/ Level 2

It’s summer and we’re getting jacked and tanned! We’ll kick both classes off with a strength session of hang clean and jerks.  Our conditioning workout for today will leave us everywhere, but the comfort zone. We have 5 sets of 3 minute AMRAPs. Don’t let the single digit AMRAPs scare you away from chasing your intensity in today’s workout. Level 2 will have an added core strengthening session of weighted pull-ups, alternating dead bugs, and farmer’s carries.


Saturday –  Burn Class

We have thrusters, v-ups, double-unders, and ring rows on the menu for Saturday’s express crossfit class. Come join us and get your entries for the King Kong Apparel giveaway!