Week In Preview, June 6th, 2021

“To be successful, you have to do things you don’t want to do.”
Laurence Williams 

Look What’s New

More exciting news coming your way athletes! 

We have a new product we are rolling out and with that comes a little taste testing!! On Monday and Tuesday this week, we have multiple flavors of protein bars from Batchez! Batchez Grubbars are made with wholesome ingredients that are clean, delicious, and easy on digestion (no sugar alcohols or preservatives!!). They are very macro-balanced and are blood sugar stabilizing, making them a great post-WOD snack! Let’s work hard this week, and don’t forget to grab a sample on your way out!

Weekly WODs: 


Crossfit  – Double Dumbbell Disaster
Today’s “DT-ish” style workout is 5 rounds of dumbbell deadlifts, dumbbell hang power cleans, and hand release push-ups. Each athlete’s goal is to pick a scaling option that allows them to move through at least two rounds of the push-up option unbroken. We’ve added a rowing and pressing strength session to the front end of today’s workout as well.


Training day number 1 kicks off with a push-pull EMOM. We’ll be alternating movements for 20 minutes as we make our way through rower calories, dumbbell hang power cleans, push-ups, and wall balls.


Crossfit  – Hakuna Masquata
Have you ever heard a song wrote about having a small butt? Okay… We’ll wait. Didn’t think so. We’ll be chasing those gluteal gains with a five set back squat strength session followed by a training EMOM. Our EMOM includes rowing and overhead presses.
We’ve got a double AMRAP today that will smoke the legs and core. In the first AMRAP, athletes will be performing snatches and box step ups. In the last AMRAP athletes will be alternating between shoulder taps and hollow holds.


Crossfit  –  Heavy 3-rep Thruster + Swan Dive
Check yo’ self before you wreck yo’self. Today’s lower body blowout is brought to you by one of the most hated movements in Crossfit. We’ve got plenty of box jump overs and thrusters to go around in our ladder style 10 minute AMRAP.


Our 4 round smoke show will light up the shoulders and hammies as we crush an interval row, kettlebell Romanian deadlifts, and front rack carries.


Crossfit –  Move the Bell Well
Want to get 1% better and have fun in the process? Don’t miss today’s class. We’ll be covering a movement that we don’t do that often called the windmill. Other movements include rowing, Russian swings, pull-up bar hangs, dumbbell rows, and weighted carries. If you’re feeling pretty sore from yesterday’s thruster fest today’s workout will allow you to dial things back and focus on quality movement.


It’s all about the bell in today’s burn class. Our workout will focus on the kettlebell swing, goblet squat, and rowing technique.


Crossfit  – Rings and Things
Today’s skill session will focus on the Chest to Bar pull-up and it’s many variations. If your lats have fully recovered from Murph it’s a great day to knock out a few chest-to-bar in our conditioning. We have a chipper style workout of chest to bar, push press, and up-downs.


In today’s workout  each athlete will have 2:30 to complete one set of dumbbell deadlifts, double-unders, and a 200 meter run. The remaining time left will be used as rest.


Today’s workout for both level 2 and Crossfit is fast and furious. We have a strength and skill EMOM to begin today’s class that incorporates quality time with the double-under and hang power clean. Our workout is a 5 round burner of hang power cleans and double-unders. The weight on the bar should allow athletes to hold onto the bar for large sets even when fatigued.


Today’s workout is gonna get real spicy! We have a double alternating EMOM of burpees over the rower and rower calories followed by an EMOM of abmat sit-ups and rower calories.
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