Week in Preview – June 4th, 2018

“We do not rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training.” — Archilochus


Murph and Sogo Recap!


Congrats and thanks to everyone who came out and completed Murph!  We had an absolute blast at both locations getting to see so many of our athletes in one place and train with you, all to honor the fallen.  Hopefully we’re all finally recovered after a rough week!


And so far as SunzOutGunzOut, congrats on finishing it!  Here’s another recap of what to look at based on your points for self evaluation:


225-300 = I kicked some serious butt at life and fitness! (changes in my body and fitness should be very obvious)

190-224 = I did pretty well but see where I can still build some better habits.

125-189 = I should prioritize ME and my fitness more and learn to use tools like Travel Workouts and Meal Prepping to make it happen!

< 125 = I would like to sit down with a coach and learn what I can do better. I’m here for a reason and need some guidance.


A HUGE congrats to our top 3 finishers!


Jody Kephart – 303 points!!!!  That’s right, she got some bonus points in there!


Rachel Kronyak – 266 points!!!


Terry Keltner – 262 points!!


Wonderful job, ladies!  But they’re not the only ones.  We had some great results overall, but the biggest set back seemed to be just remembering to track the points or staying motivated to track throughout the challenge.


This is something we see everyday and we’re here to help!  It’s easy to be all in for a week, maybe 2, but sticking to the plan after that, when it really matters, can be the hardest part!  If you want to talk to a coach about what is holding you back, contact us!  You can tell us in class or reach out to us via e-mail.  We’re here for more than just teaching you how to snatch, squat, and starting the clock.


Student/Teacher Summer Promo!


Have you seen our student/teacher summer promotion?  If you have a friend or even your own child who you think should try out CrossFit, now is the time!  3 months of 3x per week for $119.  If you submit their name through the Refer a Friend page YOU can get $100 off your next month’s membership after they sign up for a membership.


The Week


Monday – Cindy Got Jacked


Haven’t had enough of pull-ups, push-ups, and squats?  Great!  5 rounds today of 5-10-15, followed by 30 overhead squats at 135/95, and a 1k row.  Your time cap is 15 minutes.  Look at those 5 rounds of Cindy taking 4.5-6 minutes, the OHS taking around 2-2.5 minutes, and the 1k row being around 3.5-4 minutes.


Tuesday – Sugar Daddy


21-15-9 of Deadlifts and 400 m runs.  Another 15 minute time cap.  Remember that this is a day where your weight should be something that is always unbroken, or maybe 2 sets.  We will need to focus on maintaining proper technique above all in this workout as this can be a recipe for either a great back or a terrible back.


Wednesday – Double Decker


15 minute AMRAP of Kettlebell snatches, double unders, wall balls, and double unders.  This will be a great day to practice double unders!


Thursday – Wreckless


For time 27-21-15-9 of v-ups.  After each round though, 20/14 calories on the bike or rower AND 50′ of front rack sand bag walking lunge.  Oh yeah…


Friday – DT


We’ll start off by working up to a heavy double on hang power clean to prime ourselves for DT, which is 5 rounds of 12 deadlifts, 9 hang power cleans, and 6 shoulder to overhead.  The RX for this Hero WOD is 155/105; however, today we are taking a different tactic.  Your Rx for the day will be 55-60% of whatever you get for your hang power clean, regardless of your performance history.  The time cap today will be 12 minutes with a goal of finishing between 5-8 minutes.  This is going to be a very HIGH power output workout and we want to focus on that stimulus.


Saturday – 10 k row


With 2 partners!  Don’t fret!  Yes, a 10 k row, but teams of 3.  And we’re going to stick to 250 m intervals which means…..high intensity!  Show us what you’re made of!