Week In Preview, June 28th, 2020

“Don’t feel entitled to anything you didn’t sweat and struggle for.” 


–  Marian Edelman

Supplement SPOTLIGHT:


Transparent Labs

Stim-Free Pre Workout

If you jump up 5:00am to hit the gym earliest possible class at West we applaud you! However, most of us don’t start functioning until sunrise (Coaches Included). It’s easy to see why hitting the snooze button is a more viable option than doing a max effort “Fran” at the crack of dawn. Unfortunately, this type of behavior is a slippery slope to inconsistency when time to exercise is limited. If you are looking to stay on schedule and stay motivated get ready to add Stim Free Pre from Transparent Labs to your “supp stash”.

Stim Free Pre is packed with beneficial focus aids that will help you beat the morning mental fog without consuming copious amounts of caffeine or other stimulants. This potent pre-exercise formula also contains a 2:1:1 ratio of critical branch chain amino acids (BCAAs) your body needs to perform. By fueling your body with BCAAs you’ll increase protein synthesis and blunt the breakdown of muscle tissue. Another key ingredient in Transparent Labs Stim Free is Betaine Anhydrous which promotes healthy brain function. We know you’ll need all those neurons firing for never ending rounds of thrusters.


Get After it in the AM, and get your Stim Free Pre today!

Mark Your Calendars

July 4th WOD

This Saturday, we’ll celebrate our nation’s independence with a 4th of July WOD! There will be one WOD only, at both locations, at 9am. This will be a 60-75 minute class, and all members (CrossFit and Burn) are welcome. We hope to see you there!

Weekly WODs (CrossFit):


Monday –  Deadlift and Chill?

Today’s workout has no chill! We begin today’s class with a strength segment as we take 15 minutes to build to a heavy 5 rep push jerk. Our conditioning piece is a descending rep ladder of deadlifts and push jerks. Each set of jerks and deadlifts will be followed up by a quick running interval. As always, scale weights appropriately to keep moving on the jerks.


Tuesday – High Skill Happiness

We love to get better at stupid human tricks! Our workout today will take twelve minutes at the beginning of class to develop skills needed for the strict muscle up, double-under, and maybe even some triple unders for our CFK fire breathers. Our WOD is 5 sets of 3 minute working intervals. You’ll be working for rest as you complete burpees, air squats, and double-unders.


Wednesday – BroFlex

Our strength session at the start of class will incorporate a complex of 2 power cleans followed by 2 hang cleans.  We hope you Brought your nikes for the conditioning piece because it starts off with a run. After our long running interval , we’ll knock out toes-to-bar, power cleans, and hang cleans. Don’t forget your grips!


Thursday – Squat Day Week 8 (Retest)

Didn’t PR last week? That’s okay. We have another chance to hit a new 5 rep max for the upcoming cycle. We  are looking for a technical max this week. The coaches will be looking for great mechanics and technique across all 5 reps. If your 3rd rep of 5 causes a significant change in your position or depth don’t be scared to dial back. Be accountable for your movement patterns and have fun!


Friday  – Get Better, Not Broken

Volume can be a great tool to gain strength. However, when volume is applied incorrectly it will have you laid up in bed crying like a 13 year old girl! We want you to work hard, but not at the expense of your recovery and consistency. Today’s workout is 4 rounds for time of 20 alternating single dumbbell up-downs followed by 25 pull-ups. If you haven’t ever done 100 pull-ups it’s not a good day to start. Your coach will help you find a scaling option that fits your ability level. Trust us on this one!


Saturday – Crossfit/ Level 2

These colors don’t run and neither should you (unless it’s prescribed, of course)! We’re celebrating “MURICA” in today’s workout! Since 1776, we’ve been kicking butt and taking names. Our special workout today is 24 reps of painfully patriotic goblet squats, air squats, hand-release push-ups, toes-to-bar, and much more. Don’t forget your mullet and favorite budweiser tank-top!