Week In Preview, June 27th, 2021

“Gold medals aren’t really made of gold. They’re made of sweat, determination, and a hard-to-find alloy called guts.”  
– Dan Gable

Teen Strength and Performance Program

Every person regardless of their age has the right to be fit. Daily exercise has never been more vital to public health in a time of rising obesity, COVID seclusion, and other lifestyle choices that hinder our health. Teaching kids and teens to “move well and move often” is not just a tactic to see immediate results, but is a strategy for developing lasting habits that will serve their health well into the future. If your teen is between the ages of 13-18 years old our teen program will show them how to use fitness to enrich their lives as well as build a great foundation of strength and knowledge of training.


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Weekly WODs: 


Crossfit  – Burpee Burnout
Today’s class will begin with five sets of moderately heavy strict press followed by nasty interval work.  The intervals in our workout will include burpees to target and push press.


It’s a legs and booty burner for our class today. We’ve got some 90 second intervals of box jumps, sit-ups, rower calories, and walking lunges.


Crossfit  – Squat Day
It’s time to blow up our backsides with a squat day strength and conditioning session. Our strength session will consist of five heavy sets of front squat tempo work. Our EMOM conditioning will consist of bike calories, sit-ups, and Russian swings.


Build your backside with the bells today! Today’s 12 minute AMRAP will showcase and athletes ability to perform a double kettlebell swing, string dubs together, and drop it low with some air squats.


Crossfit – Benchmark WOD
Our benchmark for today is “Hotshots 19″in honor of the brave Granite Mountain Hotshots who lost their lives fighting wildfires in Arizona in 2013. We will honor these brave men and women with 6 rounds of air squats, power cleans, pull-ups, and running intervals.
We’ve got a 10 minute burpee burner for today’s workout. Expect to see a spicy couplet of burpees and plate ground to overhead.


Crossfit – Odd Object Stability
One of the greatest ways to increase scapular stability is holding odd objects overhead. Our two piece workout consists of a skill segment of single dumbbell bench press and dumbbell windmills. Our conditioning will tax the shoulders even further as perform a 10 minute AMRAP of Turkish Get-ups, burpees, and rowing.


We have an alternating EMOM today of ring rows, arm haulers, rowing, and running. Our goal today is consistent movement for all 16 minutes.


Crossfit  – Heavy Hinge
It’s all about the deadlift in today’s strength and conditioning. Our workout begins with a 15 minute strength session of a moderately heavy 3 rep deadlift. Our strength session will be used as a primer for our conditioning work of heavy deadlifts, box jumps, plate ground to overhead, and flutter kicks.
It’s a toasty tabata four our alternating tabata style workout. Our goal is a consistent number of reps with all movements across a few rounds of push-ups, tuck-ups, slam balls,  and plate ground to overhead.


It’s another Saturday sweat! We have a 20 minute AMRAP of rowing, running, hand release push-ups, and lunges. Our finisher will smoke check the core with alternating sit throughs and superman holds.
Level 2’s additional finisher will be a pump session with the red bands. We’ll be knocking out 100 reps of lats, bi’s, and tri’s. If you’re looking for a sleeve pump session this is it!
We have a descending ladder of dumbbell deadlifts and push press today. It’s wise to pick a set of dumbbells that you can quickly knock out a set of 18 dumbbell push press in less than two sets.