Week In Preview – June 19th, 2017

“You don’t have to be great to start but you have to start to be great.” — Zig Zigler

WIP Highlights

See how to get your friends and family involved with the refer a friend program and CFK Foundations Course.  CFK Youth will be cancelled this week.  Monday is the last day to get your Supplement order in.  Our nutrition series has started up again, now with Specialty Seminars.  Your annual summer challenge SunzOutGunzOutBunzOut is kicking off soon!


Do remember how you started out?  Did you feel like you’d never be able to complete a workout, or did you know you had fallen in love with something new and weird with a bunch of other crazy people?  Have you shared this new lifestyle with others?

If you want to encourage someone to try out CrossFit and join in the community it’s really simple!  Scroll to the bottom of our page and click “refer a friend” and pass along their information.  We’ll take it from there!

At CFK, we’re always striving to increase our value to you and new members.  That’s why we have revamped our introduction process and are now offering a Foundations Course for all new athletes!

Set your fiend or family member up with their free intro session by going through the “refer a friend” process or just telling them to go to our website and sign up for the intro.  We will schedule a time with them to go over all the ins and outs of the gym, asses mobility, and do a short workout.  If they choose to sign up they can go through our new Foundations Course and learn movements before they get into class, but also learn about scaling options and the general flow of everything.

We’re excited to offer this new course, and we’re sure many of you would have loved it!  How many started on snatch or Turkish get-up day??  We are now working to make sure everyone gets the best experience possible from day one.

In addition to this, the new Foundations Course will be taking place from 6-7 p.m. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in the auxiliary rooms at the gym.  If you normally use the open gym during this time, please contact Coach Rick so that he may put you on a list to be contacted a week in advance if the Foundations Course will be too large for open gym use.  Otherwise, please use the room and stay respectful of the newest members to our gym 🙂


CFK Youth on Tuesday June 20th will be CANCELLED but will resume on Thursday June 22nd!


Supplement orders are due by the end of the day Monday June 19th!  The supplement companies we carry include Progenex, XEndurance, Puori (formerly Pure Pharma), SFH, and eBars.

At CFK we encourage a base of solid nutrition, clean food, and a caloric balance that promotes muscle growth, but not fat retention.  From there is where we look to supplementation.  We often hear “supplements” and think that they are required.  They should always be in addition to a balanced diet to improve upon it, not replace.

If you have any supplement questions, please talk to a coach!  If you have any last minute questions, e-mail Coach Scott!


Speaking of nutrition, the first speciality seminar with Coach Sara will be Tuesday, June 27th at West and cover digestion.  No matter how well you eat, if your body isn’t using the food you take in, it’s not going to do any good!  Learn about the importance of good digestion and how you can improve yours.


Monday – Weightlifting Day

Clean and Jerk complex followed by some paused front squats.  Every 2 minutes for 7 sets perform 1 squat clean, 1 front squat, and 2 split jerks.  Focus on accuracy today and perfect reps.  The two split jerks will be performed on very tired legs, so really drive under the bar.  Follow up the complexes with 3 sec pause front squat with perfect positions.  Your legs should be pretty warm already, so start with some heavyish weight on the bar.

Tuesday – Overhead Squat in Tall Socks!

Complete 6 rounds of heavy overhead squats, short running, and a rope climb!  Be sure to wear some leg protection if you plan to use your feet, and check out this video for some tips on wrapping the rope from gymnastics extraordinaire Carl Paoli.

Wednesday – Press/Push/Pull

Ring dip progressions at the beginning of class to get ready for the metcon.  This is shoulder stamina in every plane.  1 minute each of DB strict press, ring dips, and Cal row.  After that move on to 4×4 strict chin-ups.  #SunzOutGunzOut is coming….

Thursday – Powerlifting Day!

Deadlifts followed by prowler pushes!  For the deadlift, quickly work up to a heavy double, then drop some weight and do 6, then drop some more and do 12, so you get in “drop sets” for more volume AND focus on perfect technique.

Friday – Team “Sweatfest” WOD

Not just partners, not just teams of 3, but teams of 4!  Each partner has a different task:  400 m run, max distance row or bike, burpees to a target, or single unders.  All partners will rotate stations for 40 minutes with the partner running being the pace setter.  Score?  Burpees of course.

Saturday – Horton

Hero WOD Horton is performed with a partner, dividing up the work however you choose.  9 rounds of 9 Bar Muscle Ups, 11 Ground to Overhead (155/105), and 50 yard buddy carry.


And last but not least, SunzOutGunzOutBunzOut!  Many of you have participated before, but many of you will be new to it.  Here are the important points:

  • There will be Novice, RX, and RX+ divisions.
  • Each week you will be given a new movement and amount of reps or time to accumulate for the movement throughout the week.
  • These movements build upon each other.  Week 1 will be 1, week 2 will have all from 1 and 2, week 3 will have weeks 1, 2, and 3, etc.
  • It will be 6 weeks long beginning Monday July 3rd.
  • The additional reps of each movement don’t accumulate during regular CFK workouts!  So if your Monday WOD has toes to bar in it, and you have toes to bar that week, the reps performed in the workout do not count toward your allotment for the week!
  • Have fun!  This will be a little extra volume each week, plus some skill development.
  • We will release the new movements week by week.


That’s it for the week!  Get your orders in, sign up for a seminar, and never be afraid to ask some questions!  We’ll see you on the floor!

-Coach Scott

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