Week In Preview June 16th, 2019

“Today I will do what others won’t so tomorrow I can do what others can’t.

– Jerry Rice

Supplement Spotlight:

Transparent Labs BCAAs

Attention all vegan and plant based athletes. BCAAs are a group of 3 essential amino acids that must be obtained through the diet. They are proteins that muscles burn for energy and should be properly replenished. Major sources of BCAAs include meat, eggs, and dairy. Plant sources include chickpeas, lentils, whole wheat, and brown rice. Unless you eat these foods daily, you may need a back-up plan. Transparent Labs BCAA Glutamine is composed of vegan fermented BCAAs making it the perfect option for your supplement routine. Feed your muscles and recover.

Upcoming Events:

“Nutrition Mythbusters” Workshop – this Saturday @ West (8am)

If you weren’t able to make the first “Nutrition Mythbusters” workshop last weekend, here’s your chance!
There is a ton of nutrition information out there which can make “eating clean” seem more complicated than it has to be. Corey Church from EMOM Nutrition will be at West this Saturday at 8am to help bust aaallllll the myths, and sort through the seemingly endless stream of information to get down to the simple principles that can change the game for you and propel you to new GAINZ in the gym!
LEARN, THEN SWEAT! Here’s the best part – this workshop is FREE and open to the public, so spread the word and bring your friends, then hang out for our community WOD at 9am. See you there!

Weekly WODS:


Monday – Get a New Score on 19.4!


Did you miss the open?  We will begin the week with a repeat of 19.4. This workout consists of snatches, bar muscle-ups, and bar-facing burpees.  

Tuesday – Trackstar


Our tempo training today will help us develop strength in the push press.  The tempo practice will allow us to become more efficient, and overall reinforce barbell control.  We will channel our inner track star in the conditioning portion with longer distance running intervals and push presses.

Wednesday – Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail


Squat day! If you’re sticking with the same squat variation (Back, Front, or Overhead), this will be a re-test of last week. If you’re switching up, test your new squat as a benchmark for the upcoming cycle. We’ll follow it up with a WOD that will challenge your strategic planning. The workout consists of heavy squat cleans, toes-to-bar, and double-unders. We encourage you to be aggressive, but be smart!

Thursday – Recovery Sweat Session


Your glutes and quads will need some attention by this point in the week. We will be flushing our legs out with multiple rounds of tabata.  We will incorporate plate ground to overheads, biking, and a variation of the air squat that you’ll learn to love!

Friday – Death Row


If you have a strong mind, and an even stronger aerobic capacity you will dominate death row! The WOD is an alternating EMOM of calories on the rower and burpees.  This workout is a gut check! Bring your A game!

Saturday – Community WOD


Bring a friend this weekend to CFK, and conquer a partner AMRAP consisting of wall balls, dumb-bell power cleans, and interval running.

Saturday – Level 2 

Strongman Saturday has finally arrived! Bring a friend and “get down” with the “get-up”! Our focus will be on the classic strongman exercise the Turkish get up. We will finish up with heavy deadlifts, and a deadlift conditioning workout!