Week In Preview, June 13th, 2021

“I believe that every human has a finite amount of heartbeats. I don’t intend to waste any of mine.” 
– Neil Armstrong

Grab and Go with a Grubbar Bar

Sometimes it’s hard to grab a snack before work early in the morning after Crossfit class. We introduced Grubbars protein bars to the gym because they are well balanced and made from a limited ingredient list. So before you choke down that stale protein bar from the gas station be sure to check out our new snacks.

Weekly WODs: 


Crossfit  – Benchmark WOD “Ripcord”

Today’s spicy pulling session will smoke the legs and the lats. We have 4 rounds of chest to bar pull-ups, deadlifts, and 400 meter running intervals. Athletes need to accomplish their runs in 2:00 minutes or less in order to finish before the hard cap.


We kick the week off with some good ole fashioned rower intervals. It’s time to grip and rip!


Crossfit  – The Grind

Today’s theme is all about muscular endurance and pacing. Athletes should prepare for 25 minutes of hard effort and be prepared to do quite a few earth presses. Movements include biking, hand-release pushups, and box-jump overs. Coach David has also added an anti-rotation and stability finisher for those who want a little credit.

We’ll be hinging, lunging, and bouncing in today’s workout. Our AMRAP includes double-unders, slam ball lunges, and slam ball ground to overheads.


Crossfit  – Coach David’s Blessing

Be sure to thank Mr. Glies for today’s legfest. Today’s workout consists of a strength component of front squats followed by a nasty barbell conditioning. Our workout is 30 reps for time of hang squat cleans with a penalty for rest. If the barbell drops, you drop. Get ready for barbells and burpees.


Today’s workout is an alternating EMOM of rower cals, push press, and box jump overs. Athletes should pick a weight that they can go unbroken with for at least 15 reps.


Crossfit – Gymnastics EMOM

Our EMOM style workout will be filled with athlete choices. Today’s workout is a 20 minute sweat fest of a gymnastics pull of choice, weighted static hold of choice, and bodyweight hold of choice. Athletes may choose from handstand holds, planks, front rack holds, pull-ups, chin-ups, or rope pull-ups.

Today’s double AMRAP contains a variety of movements that are meant to be performed unbroken. Athletes should expect to see sumo deadlift high pulls, sit-ups, rowing, and russian swings.


Crossfit  – Push, Pull, Bounce

Our descending rep ladder of double unders, push jerks, and rowing will smoke the shoulders and lungs. Athletes should scale this workout to allow them to continually pick up the pace on the rower and go unbroken on all 4 rounds of push jerk. An added strength segment of 1 push jerk and 1 split jerk will be performed before the conditioning.

It’s benchmark day in Burn. We have “The 1500”.  Athletes should seriously consider wearing a blind fold to class in order to avoid becoming depressed about how many meters they have left on each 500 meter rowing interval repeat. If it doesn’t hurt you didn’t do it right!



Today’s workout is a true test of your dedication to fitness. Our workout begins with a 100 burpee buy in followed by an AMRAP of toes to bar and Russian swings.

Level 2 will have an added core finisher of death march steps and alternating deadbugs.

Burn is fun every day, but today Burn class will be extra special. We have 8 rounds of dumbbell snatches, burpees, and sprints.