Week in Preview – July 9th, 2018

Failure is an opportunity to begin again more intelligently.” — Henry Ford



Games Season!


We’ve been through the CrossFit Open, and Regionals concluded a few weeks back.  They’ve narrowed down the best of the best from around the globe and now the sport of CrossFit concludes its season with the CrossFit Games next month!


The sport of CrossFit, forging elite fitness, finding the Fittest on Earth, are all some of the most common phrases people hear about CrossFit.  This can both excite new athletes and incite fear about the difficulty and intensity of CrossFit.  The competitiveness of CrossFit is a huge driver for achieving results in CrossFit.  It encourages intensity and also gives us our standards for movement, making things measurable, observable, and repeatable.  By holding these standards we can measure our fitness by achieving increased work capacity over broad time and modal domains, i.e. can you produce more power in the same or shorter amount of time?  Then you’ve gained fitness!


Every year we participate as a gym in the worldwide community with the CrossFit Open, 5 weeks of workouts designed by HQ in order to test our fitness.  Workouts are released on Thursday nights, we perform them on Saturday and Monday.  We print scorecards and judge each other, not to criticize, but to validate reps and keep track.  If you don’t have to count, you can push a little harder!


We’re bringing it back!


That’s right, we’re staying in practice.  Once a month we will program a Saturday/Monday just like the Open with one of the classic Open workouts.  Saturday mornings we will have heats available to do the workouts and judge one another, and Mondays it will also be the workout of the day.  We’ll run two heats of each, just like in the Open, so we all have someone to judge us.  This will be blast, and it will keep us motivated toward a new goal every month!





Do you want to make some serious change to your body composition?  How about your performance, or even both?  The fundamental of that is going to be your nutrition.  No matter what.  So if you couldn’t make it the last two weeks, mark your calendar for the 21st!  There will be a seminar at 9 a.m. at West.


If none of the times are working for you, let us know.  We may be able to work something out or point you in the right direction.


The Week


Monday – Detention


Start the class by building to a heavy single on deadlift.  Doesn’t need to be a max or PR, just something around a 9 RPE with perfect form.  Follow that with a repeat of Detention.  Twelve minutes of strict handstand push-ups, deadlifts, and double unders.  The deadlifts in this WOD are meant to be light and unbroken.  The focus for this workout will be working on the strength for strict handstand push-ups.  Scaling will be to use a couple abmats or pike handstand push-ups.


Tuesday – Jack Squat


This will be a leg heavy day!  21-15-9 of front squats, heavy kettlebell swings, and each round is followed by a 400 m run.  Front squats will be 135/95, which needs to be a weight you can move quickly and in big sets, not grinding through.  Kettlebell swings may be done in two sets with a quick rest.


Wednesday – Squat day!


Squats should be getting heavy at this point!  Today will alternate in between with strict press and upright rows.  Remember, do your best to avoid skipping squat day.  This may not be the intense metcon that leaves you on the floor, but squats and strength are fundamental to those metcons and life in general!


Thursday – Row-Run-Row


Here’s the long monostructural conditioning for the week!  2k row, 1 mile run, 2k row!  Steady pace on this one and shoot for a faster second row.  There will be a 35 minute time cap!


Friday – Over and Out


Begin the class working up to a heavy single on full snatch!  Lots of technique here, but mostly warming up for the following metcon.  Go through 20 each of power snatches, burpees, overhead squats, more burpees, and full snatches.  Most of these movements should be done in big sets and at a light weight.  Time cap is only 12 minutes.


Saturday – Partner Kelly


You should remember a bit of Kelly from a few weeks ago when we combined it with Helen.  Today we’ll do the whole thing with a partner.  5 rounds of 400 m run, 30 box jumps, and 30 wall balls.  You’ll run together!