Week In Preview, July 5th, 2020

“He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.” 


–  Muhammad Ali

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Weekly WODs (CrossFit):


Monday – Mighty Mouse

We’re coming in hot with today’s heavy and high skill workout. Our workout for today is an 18 minute AMRAP of ring muscle-ups, heavy deadlifts, and high volume sit-ups. The muscle-ups for this workout should be completed in no more than 3 sets max. However, if the rings aren’t in your wheel house we’ll sub it for  burpee pull-ups.


Tuesday – Bro Tank Blow Out

Our class begins with a strength EMOM of bodybuilding favorites. We’ll strengthen both the anterior and posterior areas of the shoulder as we perform arnold presses and bent-over rows. Our conditioning will help us to establish more familiarity with the dumbbell split jerk. We will also heat things up with plenty of double unders and tons of air squats.


Wednesday –  Benchmark WOD “Death Row”

The infamous “Death Row” WOD is back. If you haven’t done this workout before we promise you won’t forget it. Our goal today is to find a sustainable and challenging pace to keep for the duration of this 20 minute EMOM. If you’re new to Death Row then coaches will have recommendations for rep schemes that will allow you to succeed in this grueling test of fitness. Hang in there and keep on fighting!


Thursday – Squat Day Week 2 (Reset) + Tree Trunk

You shouldn’t be scared to show a little leg if you’ve been consistent with squat day. It’s time to start building those tree trunks! We’ll be resetting to 75% of the 5 rep max that we performed last week. In our strength segment, the weights on bar should be well within our scope of capability. Our conditioning is a ladder style workout of box jumps and thrusters. You’ll be thanking coach Rick for some sick programming after this one!


Friday  – Grip Strength 101

Today’s workout will test your grip strength as well as your endurance. We’ll kick our three round workout off with a half mile run followed by a challenging version of the push-up and large sets of dumbbell hang power cleans. You’ll have 90 seconds to collect yourself before heading out on the next run. For this workout, athletes should pick a weight that they can perform 20+ reps unbroken.


Saturday – Crossfit/ Level 2

We’ll be unleashing the holy grail of core work for your Saturday morning sweat session in both Level 2 and Crossfit. We’ll take 15 minutes to brush up on the toes to bar progressions at the beginning of class. Our conditioning for both classes will include slam ball lunges, slam balls, and toes to bar. Level 2’s class will have an added strength segment focusing on the snatch and overhead squat.


Saturday – Burn

Get ready to throw some odd objects around in burn class this weekend. We have cardio intervals, kettlebell swings, and single arm kettlebell thrusters planned for your quick hitter workout this weekend.