Week In Preview, July 4th, 2021

“The only true wisdom is knowing you know nothing.”   
– Socrates

Supplement Spotlight

Vitamin D deficiency is a very common problem in the United States. It’s even  been proposed that less than 5% of collegiate athletes have sufficient levels of D.

Vitamin D is well known as the sun vitamin, but plays roles in immune function, blood pressure, and calcium absorption to repair bone. We sell D3 at both locations. So be sure to snag your bottle of Puori D3 ASAP!

Weekly WODs: 


Crossfit  – Belly Buster
Today’s conditioning is a great test of controlled mobility. Our 14 minute workout will light up your core as you tackle Russian swings, kettlebell front rack carries, and sit-ups. We’ll also have a bicep finisher for those interested in bringing the gun show to work in the morning.
We’ll be grabbing a heavier set of dumbbells for today’s 15 minute shoulder burner. Our conditioning piece consists of ring rows, thrusters, double-unders, and sit-ups.  Athletes should be able to progress through all movements unbroken using the sit-ups as a quick recovery.


Crossfit  – Intestinal Fortitude
We’ve got strength and conditioning on today’s agenda. We begin with an ascending ladder of sumo deadlifts where we will build to a moderately heavy set of 4 reps. It’s a great day to complain a little less and work a little harder. We have 100 bar facing burpees paired with sumo deadlifts every minute on the minute.
The quads and calves will be getting their fair share of fitness today as we perform 5 rounds of 3 minute intervals. Athletes will be performing either double unders or single unders as well as med ball power cleans and tuck-ups.


Crossfit – Shoulder Showdown
It’s all about getting those Johnny Bravo shoulders today! We have a strength complex of 1 push press followed by 2 push jerks. Our conditioning will build upon our overhead practice as we hit some short and spicy AMRAP intervals. We will be push jerking and pulling in today’s WOD.
If Burn had a workout of the week today’s WOD would be a contender. We have a descending ladder of rower calories and dumbbell thrusters. It’s all gas and no breaks on this one!



Crossfit – Bye, Bye Lower Body
It’s leg day and it’s gonna be quite a session! We 5 sets of squats to kick today off followed by an E5MOM. On each 5 minute interval we will be mixing things up with some 1 and 1/4 back squats, a quadruped crawl, and our favorite hamstring exercise the death march.
Another day, Another EMOM. Today’s workout includes 16 minutes of max dumbbell squat cleans, farmer’s holds, seesaw rows, and hollow holds.


Crossfit  – Bar Star
We’ve got a plethora of movements that build on each other in today’s workout.  We’ll be mixing the hinge pattern with full hip flexion in the toes to bar. In our workout, athletes should be able to go unbroken on a small set of toes to bar, knock out a few dumbbell ground to overheads, and pick a manageable pace on up-down box jumps.
Our training EMOM for today focuses on developing explosive hip extension. Our 16 minute workout includes running, double dumbbell snatch, burpee box jump overs, and deficit push-ups.



We’ll be pushing the pedal to the metal in both level 2 and Crossfit today. We begin today’s class with a power clean and front squat complex. The intent behind this strength session is to allow athletes to solidify their bar path as they come from the floor on the clean. Our workout for today is a long chipper with rest built in. We will be performing plenty of front squats, rower calories, and double unders.
We’ve got 8 rounds for time today of dumbbell snatch, burpees over those dumbbells, and 100 meter running intervals.