Week In Preview, July 25th, 2021

“You have to train before you can overtrain.”   
– Captain Sinbad  (Social Media Entertainer)

Red Friday Spotlight

2021 RED Friday shirts have arrived, with an option between a unisex t-shirt and a ladies’ racerback tank!  Sample sizes are available for the tank top only, as we had to use a different style than usual.


The details about CrossFit Knoxville’s RED Friday Project:

As most of you know, Red Friday and giving back to Veterans’ Charities such as the Travis Manion Foundation are very important to CFK and have been since the beginning.  Over the years we have raised over $30k for various Veteran’s charities but settled on Travis Manion Foundation a few years back.  Read about Travis Manion Foundation here.  (Dig around on their site as there is tons of information)

RED Friday shirts are $25 and each CFK RED Friday shirt or tank purchased equals a $10 donation to TMF so get one for you, your relatives, friends, etc…   Since we don’t have payment info for those outside of CFK, please put their shirts in your name and collect funds from them separately!  Thanks so much!

Weekly WODs: 


Crossfit  – 10-Rep Max Deadlift + Timefuse
We’ll hit a quick strength session and get right to our conditioning. The focus of our burpee, barbell, and running workout is to keep moving even under fatigue. Athletes should pick a deadlift weight that challenges them, but allows them to continue to perform unbroken sets of 5 reps.

5 Rounds For Time

200m Run
12 Burpees over DB
5 DB Deadlifts


Crossfit  – Chalk Up
You’ll need a solid break up strategy in order to keep moving in today’s conditioning. We have a 16 minute AMRAP of toes to bar, kettlebell static holds, and kettle bell lunges. If stringing sets of 8-10 toes to bar aren’t in your wheelhouse it’s a great day to sub for knees to chest or toes to target.
16 Sit-ups
8 Alt. KB Front Rack Lunges
:30 Front Rack Hold
8 Alt. KB Front Rack Lunges


Crossfit –  10-Rep Max Press + Afterburner
We’ll warm up our presses with a 10 rep max strict press. Today’s conditioning is a quick hitter of shoulder to overheads and box jumps.  Each athlete’s goal should be to not set the barbell down, and really test their grit.


For Time
3 Sets
Dumbbell Shoulder to Overhead
Box Jump Over


Crossfit – Push Pull Pump Session
If you want to gain a few kipping pull-ups you’ll need to develop your strict pulling strength. Today’s workout focuses on strict horizontal pressing and vertical pulling. Our workout is a triple AMRAP of pull-ups, deficit push-ups, and sit-ups. Athletes are encouraged to scale back the pull-up reps to encourage consistency across all rounds.

Triple AMRAP

10 Ring Rows
10 Deficit Push-ups
10 Sit-ups
-Rest 1:00-
7 Ring Row
7 Deficit Push-Up
14 Sit-ups
-Rest 1:00-
AMRAP x 3 
5 Ring Row
10 Sit-up


Crossfit  – 10-Rep Max Back Squat + QuadGod
Ready for some fun? If you’ve missed leg day it’s definitely coming your way! Our strength and conditioning will include a 10 rep back squat followed by some VERY spicy conditioning for your quads. We have a descending ladder of front squats and double-unders. Let’s get after it!
Pro tip: Consistency is key. It’s just another workout!
For Time
Dumbbell Front Squats
Air Squats
*75 Double-Unders After Each Set


What’s a Saturday without sweat? We’ll kick class off with a power snatch complex followed by a lengthy conditioning piece. Our workout includes alternating dumbbell snatches, up-downs, and bike calories. These types of workouts not only test an athlete’s physical ability, but also test their mental ability to keep going when they are smoked!
For Time
25 Cal Bike
15/15 SA DB Snatches (50/35)|(35/20)
20 Up-Downs
20  Cal Bike
10/10  SA DB Snatches
10 Up-Downs
10 Cal Bike
5/5 SA DB Snatches
5 Up-Downs