Week In Preview – July 24th, 2017

“The commitment that I have made is greater than the feelings that I have in this moment.” — Unattributed

WIP Highlights

The Fit3D is out West!  #CFKSOGO2017 is halfway through!  What do you know about local foods?  Have you crushed it this month?  Made a big accomplishment?  Or have a friend at the gym who has?  Tell us!  Check out Jacked and Tan this weekend!


We’ve talked a lot about this, hyped it up, and it’s finally here!  The Fit3D, in case you’ve missed it, is a body scan that tells us what your body fat percentage is and gives all around measurements.  For more details, check out this blog post about it, but I’ll give you some need-to-knows here:

What does it cost? Nothing for the first scan, or on your yearly anniversary!

What does it do? It spins you on a platform, a camera takes measurements, then in about 15 minutes you will receive an e-mail with all the data you need.

Is it invasive? Nope!  The most invasive part is just going to be undressing for it.  Guys will wear some sort of compression shorts, ladies will wear compression shorts with a sports bra or bathing suit.  The camera picks up every piece of fabric and uses it in its analysis, so you’ll want to be very form fitting.

I don’t want anyone to see me! Not a problem.  We have the room set up so that you will be in their alone with the window blocked and you can even lock the door.  We’ll show you how to set it up by yourself so you can have complete privacy.  The only person who will see your scans when they are sent to you, is you!  Coaches will get an e-mail with numbers, but we can’t see anything unless you share it with us.  Complete privacy!

I still don’t know…. That’s understandable, but our goal is to have every current and new athlete get a scan.  We’re training the whole coaching staff so that we can be the most efficient.  Appointments will work best, but if you want to get a scan when you come to your regular class, talk to a coach.  If they are trained we can get you in and out in under 5 minutes.

Remember guys and gals, we can’t improve upon something unless we have something to compare to.  That’s why we record how much we squat, deadlift, snatch, run, etc. in Wodify.  This is a new metric that we can use to help you achieve your goals.

Cool, I’m ready to sign up!  Great!  Click here to sign up out North with Jonathan or out West with Scott!  If you can’t find a time and want to just set up your account now, go here!

SOGO 2017

I hope you’re getting in all those reps!  I’ve seen a lot of people working hard and it gets me so excited!  Keep up the excellent work everyone!


Prepare at least 80% of your own meals this week.

This one may seem random, perhaps a little arbitrary.  Here’s the thought:  if I eat 5 meals a day, I have to prepare at least 4 of them myself.  I can only eat out once that day.  That doesn’t mean you should, but it can give you a break.  This will hopefully be a low barrier for entry for most of us!  Get your meal prep on!  And share in the Facebook groups!  Give us your favorite, easy meal prep ideas.  I may even throw in some of the cooking videos I made during the LuRong Challenge!


Get upside down!

Novice accumulate 5 minutes in a 45 degree wall walk

Rx accumulate 5 minutes in a handstand hold, nose and toes against the wall

Rx+ accumulate 10 minutes in a hanstand hold, nose and toes against the wall OR 5 minutes freestanding handstand hold*

Points of Performance

A handstand hold should be performed by squeezing everything in your body and pushing the floor away.  Feet must stay together, toes pointed, and ONLY nose and toes against the wall.  No quads, no hips, no stomach resting on the wall.

Avoid tumbling out.  Try to walk up and walk back down.  Yes, it’s harder.  But that will make you stronger.  Also, don’t go to failure.  Often times you want to fall out of it because you have done a max hold.  Instead, stop short of your absolute limit, and walk back down under control.

If you have been performing novice but have a solid handstand hold against the wall, go ahead and move in to the wall.

If you are performing Rx+ and want to work on freestanding handstands:  Minimum of 10 seconds in a freestanding hold.  You’re not working on getting stronger if you’re flipping up for 2-3 seconds at a time, walking around, and falling out of it.  Partners may spot, but not support legs like it’s the wall.  No WALKING.  Pick a mat, and stay in the mat!  If you can stay in one place and stabilize, walking will come naturally down the road!

Don’t forget about your 5k/4k, sit-ups, and push-ups!

Eat Local, Eat Fresh

Have you tried the Farmer’s Market?  It’s so much fun, and it’s probably about half-way through the season.  While we encourage organic, grassfed, and all those things, one big thing we don’t always say is “local.”  Local is great because produce can continue growing for longer amounts of time, so more nutrients and better taste.  Foods don’t have to be filled with preservatives.  Animals have happier, healthier lives!  And of course, you support your local economy.

It’s not always easy to buy local for various reasons.  Things are much more seasonal, as life should be!  There aren’t a ton of local avocado farmers, because we don’t necessarily live in that climate (though it may feel that way this month!).  Sometimes it’s just hard to find the right place, and even when you do it can be really expensive at times.

While this is all just some food for thought, I wanted to pass along one local resource:  White Fence Farms.  A small local farm run by Liz Wirthwein and her family.  While they don’t have much up and running yet, they do have some eggs!  I have been eating their eggs from happy hens for some time now and they are great.  I know that the chickens are treated well, I hear stories about them being rambunctious, and I know they have a healthy diet and aren’t pumped full of antibiotics and hormones.  Liz and I were recently talking and she is open to selling her eggs in orders if anyone at the gym would like some.  They will be $4.00/dozen, which honestly is cheaper than many “free range” eggs you’ll find at the grocery store.  If you’re interested, please contact me and I’ll work out the payment and delivery details with Liz!  E-mail [email protected]

If you have a small farm and want to get more people eating your locally sourced food, also contact me and I’ll make sure the gym knows about you!

Athlete Accomplishments

Get in your athlete accomplishments!  Whether you or a friend did something great in the gym or life this weekend, e-mail me!  [email protected]

Jacked and Tan Classic

We’ve got a few athletes going out the the Jacked and Tan Classic this Saturday to compete!  Coach Rick will be there in the Rx Division, so get out there and cheer him and some others on!

The Week

Monday – Clusters and Thrusters

Five sets of 1 cluster + 2 Thrusters.  The cluster is just a clean to thruster, so if you want to think about it like 3 thrusters from the floor, that’s okay, too.  Build up to a heavy set.  Then 10 to 1 of unbroken thrusters at 115/75.  If you break a set, say 5 on the set of 8, you have to rest and repeat that set.  10 minute cap.

Tuesday – Dallas 5

This workout is in honor of the 5 Dallas Police officers who were shot down on July 7th by a sniper.

This is a light weight workout, and you should accumulate a lot of reps.  Remember that though weights may seem light in general, they are meant to be unbroken for very large sets.  Scale accordingly today!

5 minutes of burpees

5 minutes of 7 deadlifts 155/105, 7 box jumps

5 minutes of Turkish get-ups 40/30 lb

5 minutes of 7 snatches @ 75/55, 7 push-ups

5 minutes of rowing for calories

Rest 1 minute between stations.

Wednesday – Ready to Run!

E2MOM x 4, 200 m sprint

E2.5MOM x 3, 300 m sprint

E3MOM x 2, 400 m sprint

Be sure to stretch after this one!

Thursday – Strength Day

After 2 days of really hard cardio, today is strength focused.  Alternating minutes between 4 strict press and 12 front rack lunges.  We have a very fun plank workout to follow!

Friday – 10 rounds FAST

Every time we see 10 rounds it seems like it will go on forever, but this one is meant to be short and sweet.  5 chest to bar pull-ups, 10 overhead squats 75/55, and 20 double unders.  Try to get between 10-15 minutes.

Saturday – Gather Your Teams!

We may have to start getting team names for all this Saturday workouts!  Teams of 3 today, and this gets a little complicated:

Always run together.  When doing the work in the room, one partner is accumulate reps, one partner will be holding a handstand or hanging from the rig, and one will be resting.  Reps stop when the one holding or hanging has to rotate.

200m run

150 KB Sumo DL High Pull, one partner in a handstand

200m run

100 v-ups, one partner hanging from the pull-up bar

200m run

50 synchronized burpees, jump to plate.  All partners get chest to floor at the same time, and stand up on the plate at the same time.

200 m run

I hope you all have enjoyed the content!  If you have anything you’d like to see added in, please e-mail me!