Week In Preview, July 18th, 2021

“Forget all the reasons why it won’t work and believe in that one reason that will work.”     
– Unknown

Red Friday T-Shirts

2021 RED Friday shirts have arrived, with an option between a unisex t-shirt and a ladies’ racerback tank!  Sample sizes are available for the tank top only, as we had to use a different style than usual.


The details about CrossFit Knoxville’s RED Friday Project:

As most of you know, Red Friday and giving back to Veterans’ Charities such as the Travis Manion Foundation are very important to CFK and have been since the beginning.  Over the years we have raised over $30k for various Veteran’s charities but settled on Travis Manion Foundation a few years back.  Read about Travis Manion Foundation here.  (Dig around on their site as there is tons of information)

RED Friday shirts are $25 and each CFK RED Friday shirt or tank purchased equals a $10 donation to TMF so get one for you, your relatives, friends, etc…   Since we don’t have payment info for those outside of CFK, please put their shirts in your name and collect funds from them separately!  Thanks so much!

Weekly WODs: 


Crossfit  – Squat Day
We’ve got some pauses into today’s E2MOM strength work. For today’s strength session each athlete should expect to camp out at the bottom of a moderately heavy back squat for a full 5 seconds before returning to standing. We’ll flush the legs with  3 rounds for time of running, dumbbell hang snatch, and dumbbell front squats.
3 Rounds For Time
300m Run
12 Alt. DB Hang Snatches
12 DB Front Squats
Crossfit  –  Overhead Overhaul
Today’s shoulder sizzler strength and conditioning is a straight SPRINT! Athletes should be moving at or near maximal intensity during the full duration of today’s conditioning. You’ll see push jerks, toes to bar, slam balls, and plate ground to overhead.
 5 Minute AMRAP 
6 Shoulder to OH
9 Knees to Chest
12 Slam Balls / Plate Ground to Overhead
-Rest 1:00-


Crossfit – Gymnastics Grunt Work
We’ll devote the first portion of class to developing the gymnastics kip and its carry over to the kipping pull-up then it’s off to the races. We have a long duration workout where athletes will need to pick a pace that they can sustain for 20 minutes or more. Our workout includes burpees (Fun, we know…) , pull-ups, box jumps, up-downs, rowing, and box jump overs.
For Time
500/400m Row
40 Burpees
30 Jumping Pull-ups
20 Box Step Ups
250/200m Row
20 Up Downs
15 Ring Row
10 Box Step Overs



Crossfit –  Slow Ride
We never thought we’d say this, but today you might be begging for the bike! Our workout is four intervals of bike calories followed by kettlebell sumo deadlift high pulls in the remaining time. Our strength component for today gives athletes a chance to develop their pull from the floor with a wider stance.
Every 3:00 x 4 Sets
25/20 Cal Bike
Max KB Sumo Deadlift High Pull
in remaining time
Crossfit  – Pump Train
Our glorious house of gains will be filled with plenty of bench press and tabata today. Our strength is a few sets of barbell bench press followed by a toasty tabata of  dumbbell floor press, suitcase lunges, and sit-ups.
Tabata (:20 On/ :10 Off) x 8
3 Sets
Movement 1: Dumbbell Floor Press
Movement 2: Suitcase Lunges
Movement 3: Sit-ups


 Crossfit – “Double Dragon”
Both Level 2 and regular crossfit will have a strength complex of devoted to the hang power snatch and hang power clean. “Double Dragon” is today’s workout and loading selection is critical. Athletes need to pick a weight that allows them to go completely unbroken through the barbell movements for the first half of the workout. Movements include hang power snatch, hang power clean, running, and double unders.
Level 2’s skill session will have all the pistols you could ever dream of!
50 Double Unders
6 DB Hang Power Snatches
6 DB Hang Cleans 
100m Run
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