Week in Preview – July 16th, 2018

“It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” — Albus Dumbledore


The CrossFit Games


Back in 2007 was when CrossFit first had the inklings of becoming a sport.  On CrossFit.Com everyone doing CrossFit was invited to Dave Castro’s family ranch in Aromas, CA to throw down.  Flash forward to 2018 and we have the Open, Regionals, and the Games, with hundreds of thousands of us participating in the Open and eventually narrowing down to the to ~0.12% of participants making it to the CrossFit Games.


The Games will be going down all weekend the first week in August, and we want to watch together!  Come out to CFK West on Sunday August 5th for some grilling and a viewing party.  We’ll have burgers and brats and we just need some sides!  Please head over to our sign up page and let us know if you can make it!


What about the Open?


We have your first month-to-month Open Workout this Saturday!  In true Open fashion we won’t be releasing it until Thursday evening!  We’ll do everything the same with heats to sign up for on Saturday and perform it in normal classes on Monday.  Please show up earlier than your heat on Saturday and hang around for a bit after so we can all have judges!  Check out our social media pages Thursday evening to see what’s happening!


Restoration House


Our fearless leader Johnny Davis is raising money for the Restoration House!  It’s a great charity that he feels very passionate about.  This is part of the Over The Edge event to send bosses rappelling over the edge of a building in downtown.  Check out his donation page here.


In addition to the donation page we will ALSO be hosting a Car Wash on Saturday August 4th to raise money!  Please volunteer, volunteer your kids, and/or invite some friends out to get their cars washed for a good cause!


The Week


Monday – TNT


All your favorite weightlifting movements as fast as possible.  30 each of snatches, clean and jerks, and thrusters.  Rx weights are 95/65, so we should have some big sets!


Tuesday – Field Day


A CFK favorite!  Move around the room for 30 minutes and get some hard work in with rope climbs, tire flips, ball slams, prowler pushes and farmers’ carries.


Wednesday – Liquid Laugh


Remember Fight Gone Bad?  Similar format!  But this will be 5 rounds with 3 minutes of work and 1 minute of rest.  We’ll have step back lunges, double unders, and calorie row.  Remember though, squat day follows!


Thursday – Squat day!


Our last week of adding weight before we retest.  If the weight is too heavy and moving slowly, we may need to drop the weight off for the final week and that’s okay.  This will be as much a mental challenge as a physical one.


Friday – Parks and Wreck


Work with a partner in a 20 min AMRAP of calorie row, 70/53 lb kettlebell swings, another calorie row, and a sandbag run.  Divide up the work however you want!


Saturday – Open….


It’s the Open workout!  Tune in Thursday to see what it is!