Week in Preview – January 7th, 2019

“We compete not so much against our opponent, but against ourselves. The real test is this: Did I make my best effort on every play?” — Bud Wilkinson


Welcome to the first WIP in the new year!  We’ve been hearing a lot of banter thrown around about new year’s resolutions at the gym, and the most common theme is consistency!  We’re all about that and want to help you out.  Your first goal:  get on the 20 committee for January!


CFK at the Granite Games


This weekend we have several athletes competing at the Granite Games Throwdown at Rocky Top Crossfit!  We’d love to see some CFK fans out there cheering them on!


The Week


Monday – Squat Day!


It’s our re-test day!  Lots of options here as we will be continuing the theme of choosing 1 squat style for the next 5 weeks.  If you’ve squatted 2 or more squat cycles with us and are looking for a little variation, we’re strongly encouraging you to test your overhead squat.  There’s no greater test of mobility, stability, and strength all rolled into one.  Take the next 5 weeks to really dial that in and you will likely see improvements across the board.


Tuesday – Run, Swing, Crawl


In this QAMRAP you’ll get a 400 m run, 20 kb swings, and some bear crawls!  Since it’s not for any score, if you can kick up into a handstand and want to practice walking on your hands, that will also be an option!


Wednesday – Bender


We’ll take 15 minutes to build to a heavy set of 5 on Deadlifts, then go into 7 rounds of 21 sit-ups, 15 box jumps, and 9 deadlifts at 185/135.  Scale wisely today as you have to move fast.  There will be a 15 min time cap!


Thursday – Stomping Grounds


Sprint intervals day!  We’re looking for 1:30 of work and equal rest for 6 rounds.  This is where you can get some serious fitness by pushing your limits on how fast you can go.  Sprint 100 m, hit 25 double unders, and 5 front squats from the floor.  The weight on this front squat should be light so that you can get under it and move very fast.


Friday – Over and Out


Build to a technical max of power snatch + overhead squat + full snatch.  We’ll do 1 rep every minute on the minute.  This is excellent practice for getting low and landing in your overhead squat.  Follow this up with a WOD we’ve done before with 20 each of power snatches, lateral burpees, overhead squats, more burpees, and full snatches.


Saturday – Saving Grace


Teams of 3 start with 3 rounds of 75/50 calories and 50 toes to bar.  Once that’s finished (with a 30 min cap overall) complete 180 clean and jerks as a team.  The weight will start light at 95/65 and every 30 reps it goes up until you reach 205/145.