Week in Preview – January 28, 2018

“Be the person your dog thinks you are.”  Unknown


If you’re interested in improving your Weightlifting for CrossFit or want to compete in the sport, contact coach Scott at [email protected]

Boxing with Coach Eppolito


Come learn from the best about self defense and boxing!  Coach Eppolito is inspiring and fiery with amazing skills as a boxer and coach.  Come learn something new at North this weekend!  Check out this link to learn more.




We’ve told you all about it and it’s time to throw down!  Get a partner and come out to help raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation on February 10th.  Partner row and partner thrusters, come out and compete for some prizes!  Follow this link!

The Week


Monday – Doctor’s Orders


Three rounds of air squats, push-ups, and calorie row.  A simple and straight forward workout, but always remember to break up your push-ups early.  They accumulate a lot of volume and muscle fatigue.  Stay tight in your air squats and hit some quality reps!  Don’t just collapse to the bottom, but make every rep count.


Tuesday – Handlebars


If you’ve done Helen before, you’ll sense some similarities here.  Four rounds with a 300m run, 15 T2B, and 7 clean and jerks.  The weight shouldn’t be so heavy that you couldn’t go unbroken, but plan to break up the barbell work into 2 or 3 sets to save fatigue.  Pick a solid scaling option for T2B because those accumulate fast and can fatigue the core and shoulders.


Wednesday – Squat Day


This is the last week of adding 5 lbs to the back squat.  We will continue the cycle, but next week we will retest our 5 RM back squat with some solid form.  Then we will start over the squat cycle with new numbers.  Remember, we’re not training the squat.  We’re using the squat volume to train for everything else.  Between the back squat sets this week we will get in some more strict press and tempo ring rows.  We will also be testing a 5 RM strict press next week!


Thursday – Lung Butter


We get to work on a different movement today, the Sumo Deadlift!  We’ll teach some technique and work to a heavy 3 rep.  This will be an odd stance for most, but in many ways simulates more real life situations of picking something up and moving it.  Follow it up with a workout in teams of 3 with 7 kb swings, 150′ shuttle sprint, 7 burpees to a target, and shuttle sprints again.  A partner completes a full round before the next partner goes.


Friday – Chip Shot


AMRAP for 13 minutes of dumbbell snatches, wall balls, calorie row, and handstand push-ups.  This is a very Open style workout with new and old movements from the Open.  If you don’t plan to compete, or plan to do the Open scaled, practice regular or hand release push-ups.


Saturday – Slap Happy


A series of 5 min AMRAPs with a partner.  Each round has a 100 double under buy-in.  Once that’s done in each round, use your remaining time to complete some front squats and burpee box jump overs.  The burpees stay the same, but the squat reps go down as the weight goes up.