Week In Preview, January 24th, 2021

 “Biceps are like ornaments on a Christmas Tree.” 

– Ed Coan

Coach’s Corner:

Are Your Shin Splints Leaving You In the Back Of The Pack?


Your responses for another Recovery Crash Course were heard. Coach Wayne has cooked up some shin splint recovery tips to help you get back to the pavement.  Be sure to like our posts on social and share them posts with your friends if you find them helpful.

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Recovery Crash Course: Shin Splints



Weekly WODs: 


Crossfit  – Countdown

You’ll need to push the pace in our ladder style workout in order to get the lowest score. We’ll be scoring the time difference between two rounds of rowing, shoulder to overheads, sumo deadlift high-pulls, and sit-ups.


Burn – Fire Up The Flywheel
 We’ve got quick rower intervals, dumbbell power cleans, and push-ups. The key in this workout is efficiency on the rower. No wasted strokes, and no wasted time!



Crossfit  – COVID Climbs

Unfortunately, due to COVID we’ll be substituting rope climbs for a very worthy alternate movement. Today’s workout includes kettle-bell “rope” pulls, dumbbell front-rack carries, jumping lunges, and tons of burpee practice.


Burn – That Escalated Quickly
Today’s burn will burn. We have an ascending ladder of bike calories and devils’s presses for 12 minutes. The legs and lungs will be toast after this one!


Crossfit – Hump Day Heat

We’ve got lots of legs in store for day 3. Our strength session at the beginning of class will give us an opportunity to work the positions of the squat clean and deadlift. At the end of the strength, we should be warm and ready to tackle our conditioning of double-unders, hang squat cleans, box jump-overs, and bike calories.


Burn – Put it In Reverse, Terry
We have a four round workout consisting of running, kettlebell front-rack reverse lunges , and Russian twists. Your goal should be to stay consistent across each 400 meter running interval.


Crossfit – Lat Burner 101

Our ascending rep gymnastic chipper will leave your lats toast! We have high volume WOD of handstand push-ups, strict pull-ups, and running. It’s a good day to hit the mobility bands before class!


Burn – 20 Minute Sweatcon
Our workout is a long 20 minute EMOM that consists of arm haulers, bike cals, and up-downs. Each movement should take athletes no longer than 50 seconds.


Crossfit  – Benchmark WOD “The Chief”

Today’s workout is 5 sets of 3 minute AMRAPs with a short break after every set.  Movements include power cleans, air squats, and push-ups. Each athlete should strive to at least complete 3 rounds per AMRAP. Good luck and stay in the fight!


Burn – Dumbbell Grace Plus
Our workout starts with 30 dumbbell clean & jerks for time followed by 2 rounds of double unders and cross body carries. You should pick a kettlebell weight that you can walk with for at least 45 seconds.


 Crossfit/ Level 2  – Recover from “The Chief”

If your body isn’t feeling so hot today, it’s totally okay. Both classes will have an alternating EMOM for 25 minutes that will allow for us to get sweaty, and hopefully flush out some soreness. Our EMOM consists of bar muscle-ups, toes-to-bar,  and slam ball reverse lunges.

Burn – Row, Squat, Jump
Our workout will take your legs out from under you! We’ve got a 16 minute AMRAP of ring rows, goblet squats, and box jumps.