Week In Preview, January 17th, 2021

 “I’ve failed over and over again. And that is why I succeed.” 

– Michael Jordan

Coach’s Corner:

Recovery Crash Course Series



Coaching doesn’t stop once an athlete is injured. It’s easy for a trainer to say “Go ride the bike for 30 minutes and we’ll see you back tomorrow”. We would like to think at CFK we dig a little deeper. In fact, we enjoy getting into the weeds with our athletes!

Check out this blog post from Coach Wayne and on how he would adapt a training plan for a potential client with chronic knee pain!

Featuring CFK’s Very Own Phillip Burgess!!




Weekly WODs: 



Crossfit  – Foot Work Practice

If you haven’t ever done a split jerk then today is your day. Our two part conditioning contains ten minutes of split snatches and sit-ups followed by 3 minutes of max bike calories. It’s important to lower the load if you can’t own the split position. It’s a great day to prime new motor pathways.

Burn – Static Sweat Session
In our alternating 3 movement 15 minute EMOM we’ve got devil’s press, hollow holds, and rower calories. You might want to take a chance today with some heavier dumbbells for the devil’s presses!


Crossfit  – Hinge Pattern Practice

Hold onto your hamstrings! We’ve got 6 rounds of explosive speed and strength planned for day 2. Our movements include box jumps and deadlifts. Athletes will need to pick their deadlift loads wisely in order to add weight in the second half of the workout.

Burn – Drop it Like a Squat
We’ve got a longer duration AMRAP for today’s burn class. Athletes will push the pace on a 200 meter run, abmat sit-ups, and dumbbell front squats. Our workout will test each athlete’s ability to get after the runs after large sets of squats.


Crossfit – Test Day + “Punch Out”

We’ll take 20 minutes to build to a heavy 3 rep thruster followed by a task priority conditioning WOD. Our workout will see how fast you can blast through a lengthy running interval, 30 thrusters, and 30 lateral burpees over your bar.

Burn – Shoulder Sizzler
It’s a great day to find out how long 45 seconds actually is! Each movement in today’s workout will be performed for 45 seconds followed by a 15 second rest. Our 3 round workout includes push-ups, plate ground to overhead, jumping lunges, and ring rows.



Crossfit – Lower and Slower

Our workout for today will be a great time to test your endurance. All movements will be performed at about 70 percent of each athletes maximum effort. Some of the movements include double-unders, Russian Swings, goblet reverse lunges, toes-to-bar, and single kettlebell suitcase carries.

Burn – Scorpion King
Our buy in and cash-out style workout has 400 meter bookends. In between our runs we’ll be smashing double dumbbell deadlifts and box jumps. It’s key to pick a box height we can move consistently with today.


Crossfit  – Push/Pull Day

It’s all about chest and back today as we tackle 3 minute intervals of 500 meter rows and floor presses in the remaining time. It’s best to pick a rowing distance you can knock out in under 2:00. You’ll be leaving the gym with a proud chest in no time!

Burn – Death By Thrusters
You did read this correctly. “Death By Thrusters” is coming your way! It’s an ascending rep EMOM workout of thrusters that increases by 1 rep until the time cap. Good luck and stay in the fight.


 Crossfit/ Level 2  – Both Classes will Perform the Same WOD

We’ll work to a heavy 1 rep squat snatch at the beginning of both classes today. We follow it up with an “Isabelish” style conditioning workout. Our workout is 30 power snatches for time with 5 front squats added at the top of every minute. In this workout, you should feel like you can perform 3-5 reps of power snatch at any time.

Burn – Saved By The Bell
Hate Burpees? We do too! However, you’ll get a break from burpees as you perform large sets of kettlebell swings and bike calories today.