Week in Preview – January 15th, 2018

“Ask yourself if what you’re doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.” — Unknown


The first couple of weeks of the new year have flown by.  How are you doing?  Have you set some new goals?  Are they attainable?  Or have you fallen off already?  Talk to a coach, in class, e-mail, text if you have our number, and let us help you zero in on some things!


We have a lot of events still to come in the next few weeks.  If you haven’t made it to Baseline Nutrition or CrossOver Symmetry, now’s the time!  We have Baseline Nutrition at 9 a.m. out West this Saturday, Jan 20th, and CrossOver Symmetry the same day at North at 10 a.m.!  Both of these things can help you tremendously in your performance at CFK.


Next weekend, the 27th, if you’d like to cheer on some weightlifters we will be heading to Nashville for an open weightlifting meet.  This will be the first meet for many, so send some good vibes!  Details may be found here.


Other upcoming events NEXT month include Boxing with Coach Eppolito, which is going to be a BLAST, and CF^2, one of our favorite fundraisers.  Check out the blog posts at those links!



The Week


Monday – Squat Day!


Start your week off right with some back squats!  Between rounds, work on some handstand push-ups!


Tuesday – Dirty 30


We’ve done the Filthy 50 and Dirty 30 before.  This one may be fewer reps, but it’s no less harsh!  Get ready for lots of gymnastics and barbell work.


Wednesday – Power Wheels


Start the day off with 3 position snatch work!  Very similar to the 3 position power cleans we did last week!  Follow that with a series of 3 min AMRAPs with calorie rows and power snatches in ascending weight.


Thursday – Curve Ball


Double unders, sit-up, med-ball squat clean, double under, sit-up, med-ball squat clean, double under, sit-up….you get the idea!  The pattern repeats with the reps going down.  Don’t sprint out the gate, but staaaaaay steady.


Friday – Buddy-Buddy


Teams of 3 work for 20 minutes to do 50 strict pull-ups, 75 bench press, and a 1k run.


Saturday – Hard Pass


Keep your team from the day before or trade them out!  It’s another team of 3 for 25 minutes today with calorie rows and barbell work!  The reps go down, but for barbells you go from deadlifts, to hang power cleans, to front squats, to push jerks, and end with clusters, that fun way of saying a squat clean to thruster.