Week in Preview – January 14th, 2019

“Training. You don’t win training, you don’t lose training, you train. You train for a future result so the goal in each day is improvement, growth and lessons learned. On the day of the test, that is really the only measure that counts.” — Adrian Conway


Cleaning Day


Do you love the gym?  Want to show some support for the place you like to hang out?  We’d love to see you this Friday evening (Jan 18th) for cleaning day at West!  All the coaches will be out at West after the last class of the evening and we’ll be doing a deep clean of the whole facility, including patching walls and painting.


If you have any experience or speciality in drywall work, please let us know!  We’re happy to have any help.


Set Your Goals this Year


Trying to figure out your goals for the new year? You can always sit down with a coach, but start off by checking out this video and getting on that 20 committee!



Athlete Interviews Jan 19th!


We’re doing interviews again!  Do you love CFK and want to share the message?  Think about how much YOU wish someone had told you that CrossFit is not crazy and anyone can actually do it and change their lives.  E-mail scot[email protected] to do an interview this coming Saturday.


The Week


Monday – Fran


That’s right!  It’s Fran time!  This is one of the most well known CrossFit workouts.  21-15-9 reps of thrusters and pull-ups.  The goal of this workout is intensity, 2-4 minutes.  We’ll cap it at 7 minutes.  Your goal should be to do everything unbroken and FAST!  This is a test, so make sure to get it in!


Tuesday – Squats


Week 1 of our squat cycle, followed by the workout “Home Alone”.  This is a great one to remember for anytime you do need to get in a quick WOD on the road or at home.  30-20-10 of air squats and sit-ups.


Wednesday – Air Walker


Twenty minute AMRAP of 200 m runs, 50 double unders, and 3 rounds of “The Chief”.  The runs today need to be hard, not recovery efforts.  One round of “The Chief” is 3 power cleans, 6 push-ups, and 9 air squats.


Thursday – Clothesline


For the strength portion at the beginning of class we’ll build to a heavy set of 2 on strict press.  There will be a lot of reps in the beginning, so make small jumps as strict presses go away quickly for most of us.  Follow that with the workout Clothesline, a 12 minute AMRAP very similar to an Open workout, that goes 2 push presses, 2 toes to bar, 2 box jumps, then 4-4-4, 6-6-6, and on until time runs out.


Friday – Bee’s Knees


Five rounds of 1 minute of wall balls, Russian kettlebell swings, and calories, followed by 1 min of rest.  This is a very similar style to the benchmark WOD Fight Gone Bad.


Saturday – Low Five


Five min AMRAPs with 5 minutes of rest in between, your score will be burpees.  Start the AMRAP with 30/21 calories and power snatches.  Each 5 minute AMRAP, the power snatch weight will go up as the reps go down.