Week In Preview, January 10th, 2021

 “A man’s health can be judged by which he takes two at a time – pills or stairs.” 

– Joan Welsh

Personal Training Spotlight:


Are you training or are you just exercising?


So what is exercise, and how does it differ from training?

In a nutshell, exercise is physical stress . An unfortunate aspect of this type of stress is that it lacks specificity. Stress from exercise can take many forms, but we are most concerned with the stresses that occur within the four walls of the gym.  This is excellent for a great majority of people, but can sometimes fall short for athletes who want to see more precise results. Think of exercise as just “going through the motions” at the gym, and hoping to achieve those goals you’ve been striving for. In this type of training there will always be a higher likelihood of being unsuccessful at achieving specific personal goals.

Training is more goal-oriented, and is the culmination of  specific training efforts. The  specificity of training allows for athlete growth, long-term health, and injury-reduction.  Now more than ever, we have the ability to access a never-ending library of fitness media. However, incorrect implementation of these types of fitness programs can lead to overtraining and hinder the “Stress/Recovery/Adaptation” cycle which is critical for success. Our coaches are prepared to deliver training, and not just “exercise”. We implement specific programs to help athletes reach their goals, and are there to guide athletes every step of the way.

Every member of CFK has a different goal, and each athlete deserves a unique strategy in order to reach their goals. Our coaches are committed to making the most out of each training session, and  providing constructive feedback to improve your performance.


Are you content with just exercising, or do you want to train? Let us know if you would like to learn make the most of your training sessions by linking up with a coach for PT!

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Weekly WODs: 



Crossfit  – Grip Gauntlet

Today’s workout is going to tax the back, shoulders, and grip. We have a 3 round conditioning workout of renegade rows, deadlifts, and double-unders. Our focus will be keeping tension out of the shoulders even after performing large sets of no-pushup renegade rows. If we stay loose and release tension we should be able to crush large sets of double-unders.


Burn – Dip, Drive, Jump
We’ve got a dose of double dumbbell hang power clean & jerks and up-down box jumps planned for day 1.  Our EMOM style conditioning workout will be followed by a static glute pump session.


Crossfit  – Push Pull

Our push pull style workout for the day incorporates both strict and kipping elements. We begin class with a skill session dedicated to either strict or kipping pull-up development. Our conditioning piece will be  three 5 minute AMRAPs of strict pulling and pushing. We have hand-release pushups, biking, and pull-ups.


Burn – Tabata Tuesday
Pick your numbers wisely in this workout. Our goal is to try to achieve the same number of reps across all 8 rounds of each movement. Athletes will be working for 20 seconds followed by a brief 10 second rest. Movements include jump squats, ring rows, strict dumbbell press and calories on a machine of their choice.


Crossfit – All Kinds of Options

Our skill portion at the beginning of class gives athletes a great opportunity to develop their technique with the overhead squat with a moderately heavy load. Athletes will pick their poison in the conditioning session and see if the dumbbell squat clean or alternating dumbbell squat snatch is right for them! We will also be getting after  up-downs in our conditioning.


Burn – Good Luck Chuck
We see this type of workout fairly often in burn class! Our workout is 5 three minute intervals of goblet squats box step ups, Russian Swings, and running. It’s a good idea to scale the run today in order to finish in approximately 45-50 seconds.


Crossfit – Diving into The Dip

Our 25 minute EMOM workout for today will focus on the box and ring dip. Other movements include single dumbbell front-rack box step ups, cardio intervals, and planks.


Burn – Hot Seat
 Don’t be scared it’s not “Death Row”, but it’s close! We have an alternating EMOM of 12/10 calories on the rower and 12 burpees EMOM for 16 minutes.


Crossfit  – Gymnastics Tune-Up

Ready to polish your skills on the bar muscle up? Our workout today is a great opportunity to get a significant amount of practice on the muscle-up even if you can string many of them together. We’ll also be knocking out box jumps and push jerks between our efforts on the higher skilled gymnastics movements.


Burn – Double DB Isabel For Time
Today’s workout is 30 double dumbbell snatches for time followed by two rounds of grunt work. The grunt work following our dumbbell Isabel has lots of walking lunges and farmer’s carries.


 Crossfit/ Level 2 – Cleaning Crew

Both classes are all about the clean! We have a five round conditioning for each class that will consist of running, power cleans, and hang power cleans.

Our level two class will build to a 1 rep max power clean in their added strength session.


Burn – Run Like The Winded
We have large sets of wall balls, dumbbell power cleans, and short running intervals. The runs will be your opportunity to refresh those legs!

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