Week In Preview, February 9th, 2020

“I survived because of how fit I was due to Crossfit. I had an 85 percent chance of dying. They told me what got me through was my red blood count was so high and so efficient that I could lose the blood during surgery, but my body was able to utilize the oxygen I had left more efficiently. ”
–Kevin Ogar, Crossfit Athlete

Supplement Spotlight:

Unstoppable Shoulders


Crossover Bands

Gaining stability and strength in overhead positions is critical to many of the movements we do in crossfit. There are many small muscles in the rotator cuff that play roles in gaining the proper ability to support heavy loads overhead. If you’ve ever overthrown a snatch, chances are that you have upset one of these tiny muscles that connects to the scapula (shoulder blade). We must be proactive in our approach to mitigate the risk of injury though strengthening these tiny muscles that allow us to externally and internally rotate the shoulder. Crossover Symmetry Band training will allow your to shore up your weaknesses and provide a stable platform for your overhead movements. If you have any shoulder pain, the crossover recovery series can assist in alleviation of some shoulder pain.  Both locations are now carrying Crossover bands for purchase! Get them before they are gone!


Upcoming Events:



Join us for our 6th annual Cystic Fibrosis fundraiser Partner WOD on March 14 at North! Check out all of the details HERE, and get registered! It’s open to the public, so spread the word and let’s raise some dollars. One Hundred percent get donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation!

(If you can’t make the event, but want to LOOK like you did and support the cause, there’s a T-shirt only option in the registration link)


Weekly WODs:


Monday – “Christine”

We kick class off with heavy 5-rep deadlift to prime us for a girl benchmark workout in our conditioning. We have a three rounds of rowing, deadlifting, and box jumps ahead of us. This workout will tax the legs from unbroken deadlifts, hard efforts on the rower, and lots of jumping!

Tuesday – Trouble Unders

Day 2 of our training week includes a moderately heavy pressing complex. We’ll be focusing on jerks and push presses at the first portion of class. Our conditioning WOD is an alternating EMOM of overhead pressing movements, burpees, and double-unders.


Wednesday – The Long Haul

We have a long grinder for today’s workout. We are looking for a long sustainable effort as we cruise through mono structural intervals, bodyweight movements, and a core blasting movement of your choice.


Thursday – Squat Day + Shoulder Stability WOD

We are adding the first 5 pounds to our squat this week. Let’s kick off the building portion of the cycle with a bang.  Our WOD today is a quality AMRAP that will allow us to build vertical pulling strength and further our development of overhead stability with Turkish get-ups.


Friday – “Love Loss”

We end the work week with an NCFIT benchmark! Let’s face it… love isn’t always easy. Our workout today includes kickback devil’s presses, assault bike calories, and front squats.


Saturday Community WOD

So much work, so little time. Our goal is to move fast today, but not at the expense of movement expectations. We will perform short running intervals, russian twists and dumbbell front rack lunges. Our movements will be performed on a 3 minute running clock. If you finish all movements before the 3 minute cap, you’ll use the remaining time for rest.


Saturday L2

Rise and Grind! It’s the weekend and the gain train doesn’t stop! Our conditioning today will consist of kettlebell sumo deadlift high pulls, pull-ups, toes-to-bar and a med-ball run. We have an opportunity to dial in on toes to bar, and focus on aggressive hip extension in the sumo deadlift high pull.