Week In Preview, February 7th, 2021

“My valleys are higher than most people’s peaks. I stay at that level.” 

– Dan Gable

Supplement Spotlight

Puori C3

We love Puori products because we know what we’re getting inside the bottle. Puori only uses the purest  of ingredients, and is free from heavy metals that other products may contain. Puori’s C3 is a potent concoction of three sources of vitamin C. C3’s powerful vitamin C supplement is sourced from rose hips, acerola berry, and goji berry. This product also includes an energy blend of Yerba mate powder and polyphenol rich ginseng.

Vitamin C is not only an important immune booster, but plays important roles in other bodily functions as well. Some of these functions include bone formation, gum health, and targeting harmful free radicals. Make sure to pick up a bottle at the end of your next WOD!


Weekly WODs: 


Crossfit  – Hot Hands

Today’s WOD is a grip heavy gymnastics workout. We have a triple AMRAP of handstand push-ups, dumbbell power cleans, and toes-to-bar.  Our goal is to stay consistent for each set of toes-to-bar in today’s workout. Find a break -up strategy that allows you to keep moving even when your forearms are in a bad place!


Burn – Lunch Money
This workout will take your lunch money! We have a 10 minute EMOM of dumbbell hang power cleans and burpees. Each minute athletes will need to quickly knock out 10 dumbbell hang cleans and crush 5 burpees before the :50 second mark. Our finisher is a 6 minute EMOM of arch rocks and tuck holds.


Crossfit  – Lord of The Legs

The legs will take a beating in today’s strength and our 4 round WOD. In our strength, we’ll knock out four sets of five front squats. Our workout is geared toward mastery of the front squat. The mantra of today’s rowing and front squat WOD should be “technique over load”.


Burn – Toasted On a Tuesday
Our interval workout for today will make athletes earn their rest. We have three 5-minute intervals where athletes will perform a short running interval, v-ups, bike calories, and weighted lunges.



Crossfit –  Beaten and Breathless

You’ll feel like you are breathing through a coffee straw in today’s workout. We have a five round workout where intensity is priority. Athletes should expect to see fast running intervals, slam balls, hand-release pushups, and bike calories.


Burn –  Rope Work Wednesday
Be ready for lots of hopping in our 12 minute AMRAP!  Athletes can perform either 35 double-unders or 70 single-under depending on their ability to stay consistent. Other movements include Russian swings and up-downs.


Crossfit – Kitchen Sink

It’s a little bit of everything in today’s workout. Our thirty minute EMOM will give athletes multiple chances to dial in their technique on pistols, muscle-ups, Russian Swings, and the elusive double-under. We also threw in a single-arm kettlebell front-rack hold because we know y’all love those!


Burn –  Legs and Lungs
Today’s EMOM gives athletes an opportunity to dial in their pacing strategy. Each minute athletes will perform either rower calories, slam balls, or step-ups. It’s a good day to come in and sweat if you’re feeling beat up!



Crossfit  – Shoulder Showdown + Heavy 1 Rep Snatch

We begin class with a heavy 1 rep snatch followed by a shoulder stinging conditioning. We have 30 dumbbell devil’s presses for time with an added twist. Upon completion of each devil’s press, each athlete will complete an added push press before returning the dumbbells to the ground. Good luck, this one might sting a little!


Burn –  Ring-Roasted Cindy
It’s your favorite 5-10-15 schemed bodyweight WOD for today’s sweat session. Athletes will  complete ring rows, push-ups, and air squats. It’s a good idea to pick a ring row option that you could knock out 15 reps with when fresh. It’s a long workout, and we don’t want to burn those arms out too early!


 Crossfit/ Level 2  – Benchmark WOD  “Galentines”

The NCFit Benchmark “Galentines” is a mixture of the popular benchmarks “Annie” and “Kelly”. Athletes will complete 1 round of “Kelly” after each ODD round of “Annie”. Athletes should prepare to do double-unders, sit-ups, wall-balls, box jumps, and running intervals.

Level 2 will have the added luxury of knocking out a heavy 3 rep back squat and heavy triple shoulder to overhead.


Burn – Saturday Sweat
Our conditioning will have more of an endurance feel because of the movements used. Athletes will perform running intervals, bodyweight lunges, planks, and push press. Since none of these movements feed off each other athletes are highly encouraged to smash the gas on the runs!