Week In Preview, February 28th, 2021

I don’t measure a man’s success by how high he climbs, but how high he bounces when he hits bottom.”  

– George S. Patton


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Weekly WODs: 


Crossfit  – Biking Bookend

Our workout today looks scary up front. We begin with 50 calories on the bike or an 800 meter run. Once we complete either the run or bike calories we’ll be hopping into an ascending rep ladder of chest-to-bar pull-ups and sumo deadlift high pulls. We’ll book-end this one on the bike or back out on the run.


Today’s classic conditioning WOD comes is five rounds of burpees, running intervals, and calories on a machine of your choice. A great goal for today’s workout would be to try to run negative splits on the 200 meter running intervals each round.


Crossfit  – Hinshaw’s  Sweat Fest

Chris Hinshaw is a mastermind of conditioning. We’ve added his warm-up to today’s workout to be sure that we are firing on all cylinders before the WOD. Our endurance chipper for today will challenge the lungs as well as your will to keep going.  Athletes should expect to see box jumps, running, and hand-release push-ups.


Our workout focuses on the hinge pattern and core conditioning. There will be one 10 minute AMRAP followed by a 4 minute AMRAP of various ab movements. Our ten minute sweat session will include short running sprints, box jumps, and kettlebell swings. Athletes should focus on correct breathing and bracing as they move from kettlebell swings to the box. 


Crossfit – The Toasty Ten

Can you stay in the game after multiple heavy reps of front squats? We shall see! Our strength session begins with a heavy 10 rep front squat followed by an interval style conditioning piece. Our conditioning workout includes dumbbell front squats, lateral burpees over the bar, and knees to elbow.


Our burn EMOM for today will focus on absolute control. Our workout incorporates  explosive lower body movement with single arm ring rows. Be prepared to tackle the ring rows as well as jumping lunges and slam balls.



Crossfit – Ready…Set… Redline

Our conditioning today will toast the midline and the lungs. Today’s WOD is a descending rep ladder of Russian twists followed by an all out assault bike sprint after each set. Each athletes goal should be to hit some unfamiliar RPMs on the bike.


A classic cardio session is in order for today’s burn. We have 3 sets of running, rowing, and biking to complete. Each working interval will be followed by a short rest before tackling the next set.


Crossfit  – Benchmark WOD “Switcheroo”

Day 5 will have a strength and conditioning mix. We will take the first half of class to build to a heavy snatch complex and follow it up with “Switcheroo”. In our conditioning, we’ll be picking a dumbbell weight that we can crush sets of 20 dumbbell alternating snatches. We will also be performing single dumbbell suitcase lunges and rowing intervals.

If you love smashing your legs then you’ll love what we’ve got planned for Burn. We’ve got a sixteen minute AMRAP of hang dumbbell squat cleans, dumbbell deadlifts, double-unders, and sit-ups. Athletes should focus on nailing the receiving position of the hang dumbbell squat clean.



 Crossfit/ Level 2 

Today’s WOD has plenty of challenges! Bar muscle-ups will be one of them. Our four round workout will consists of hang power cleans, bar muscle-ups, and sit-ups.  Level 2 will work up to a heavy 3-rep hang power clean.


We have a 16 minute training day ahead of us this weekend. Our alternating EMOM includes dumbbell bent-over rows, push presses,  bike calories, and box step-overs. Athletes can add an extra challenge of adding a slower tempo to the bent-over rows to really light up the lats!