Week In Preview – February 27th, 2017

Week one of the Open is in the books!  We hope you all enjoyed the experience of the Open workout whether it was your first time or if you’ve done it several times before.  We’re looking forward to all the surprises in the next 4 weeks!

Thanks again to everyone who brought in some extra dumbbells for us to use!  They were a huge help!

Please be sure to submit your scores online, or if you’re just participating in the CFK Games, e-mail coach Rick.

Monday – Heavy Cleans!

Looking for a 1 RM squat clean today!  Get excited!  Focus on technique and speed under the bar.  If you’re looking for the Lean version, we’ve got cleans and running!  If you did the Open workout on Sunday, consider resting or scaling.

Tuesday – Squat::Pull::Jump

4 rounds of overhead squats, chest to bar pullups, and box jumps.  Should be fast and sub 10 minutes.  Make sure to warm up those shoulders and roll out after class.

Wednesday – Handstand day!

We’ve got a lot of shoulder warm-up and strengthening at the beginning of class.  Follow that with a fast push and pull:  Calorie row and handstand pushups!

Thursday – Long Conditioning

We’ve got a 25 min AMRAP with Running, Toes to Bar, Double Unders, and heavy deadlifts.  Shoot for 3 rounds in today’s workout!

Friday – 17.2!

Be sure to tune into games.crossfit.com on Thursday evening to see your Friday workout!

Saturday – Partner WOD!

5 rounds each of strict pull-ups, kettlebell front rack carries, and calories on the rower or bike.  One partner does a full round, the then other does a full round.

Sunday – 17.2 Makeup!

If you don’t do Friday’s workout or FNL, stop by on Sunday to get in your Open workout!  It was a blast this week.

We know you probably had a great time doing the Open WOD this week, but we know it beat a lot of people up with new movements.  Foam roll, stretch, keep moving, and talk to a coach about recovery!  We have a lot of supplements that help speed recovery including fish oil, magnesium, Xendurance, and protein by Progenex and SFH.