Week in Preview – February 26th, 2018

“The commitment that I have made is greater than the feelings that I have in this moment.” — Unattributed


Welcome to the 2018 CrossFit Open!


We had a great turnout Saturday morning for 18.1.  It’s a great workout, too!  Saturday was definitely a show of our great CrossFit community.


If you didn’t get a chance to do 18.1, you’re in luck!  We’ll be doing it as the Monday WOD.  If you already did it, we have a few options:


  1. Do it again!  See if you can get a better score!
  2. Are you a borderline Rx athlete?  Then try it Rx this time, or scaled if you did Rx the first time!
  3. Come in and get in some active recovery, mobility work, and cheer some people on!


Other logistics:  Monday we will be running two heats so that we can judge each other.  Even if you’re not doing the Open online we want you to have a judge so that we really hold each other accountable.  A judge is just there to count reps and help hold you to a standard.  It’s pretty nice to not have to worry about counting your own reps for once!


If you are signed up online, please consider completing the judge’s course online as well.  It’s only $10 and it assures that we have enough certified judges for all our athletes submitting scores to the games website.


Greater Than Drinks!


They’re coming back! The tasty drinks you’ve been missing after your workout will now be restocked!  Greater Than Sports Drinks will return to a refrigerator near you in Grape Vine and Orange Mango flavors.  These Drinks are all natural, healthy and effective.  They are made with coconut water, giving your body natural minerals, nutrients and electrolytes that hydrate, replenish and energize your body after a workout.  This beverage contains no added sugar and it has twice the amount of electrolytes than your typical sports drinks.  Greater Than is also non-GMO Verified, Gluten free and Vegan approved!




It is our honor to once again work with KPD with training their newest class of recruits.  We cover both physical training and nutrition with them to try and help prepare the future protectors of our city.

Check out a few of these pictures of them working with our coaching staff.



Puori Demo


Wondering about what supplements to take?  Curious about how to pronounce “Puori”?  Coach Scott will be demoing their products and talking all about proper supplementation on March 5th and 6th!  Make sure to get in that day and check it out!

The Week


Monday – 18.1


Here’s your chance to improve from the first round or try it out for the first time!  We’ll be pairing people up for judging and throwing down all day long!


Tuesday – Optimus Prime


Build to a heavy set of 3 on deadlift to begin, then follow with a 7 min AMRAP of wall balls with 5 deadlifts every minute.


Wednesday – Squat day


Add 5 lbs to whatever you squatted last week!  In between sets we’ll work on strict handstand pushups.


Thursday – Drago


Russian KB swings, sit-ups, and 10 meter shuttle sprints.  This is a long one going from 30 down to 10.  Make sure to pace this one out!


Friday – Go Time


Teams of 3 complete a 20 min AMRAP of 200m runs, burpees, and ball slams.  Sprint through your rounds as you get twice as much rest!


Saturday – 18.2


The second week of the Open!  Tune in Thursday night to know what’s going down!  It’s a great season in CrossFit!