Week In Preview, February 23rd, 2020

“If your mindset is defeated, the results will be the same no matter how often you put up a physical fight.”
-Mac Duke

CFK Spotlight:

4George at CFK North

We’ll have some new faces at North’s community WOD this week!

Most of us have witnessed the profound impact fitness has on our emotional well-being. 4George is a local group of personal trainers, who understand the impact physical fitness can have on one’s emotional state. The 4George program assists a variety of victims effected by PTSD, mental illness, domestic violence, and substance abuse. We are glad to have them at our North location this weekend to share what they do for others in our community.


We’ll have a donation box to collect gently used workout attire, shakers/bottles, and workout equipment for the members of our program, and a suggested $5-$10 donation.

4George will be at the West Location on March 28th

Click Here to Learn More


Upcoming Events:

Test Day – I AM CFK Challenge

Saturday, February 29th

Our Challenge “Re-Test” day will be this Saturday from 10am – 12pm at West! We’ll have a community WOD at 9am, but CrossFit Level 2 at 10:15am will be cancelled for the event.

CF2 Workout at North 

Saturday, March 14th

Our CF2 workout to benefit those currently struggling with Cystic Fibrosis is on the horizon.  All the proceeds of our annual event go East Tennessee Chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  Our workouts will start at 9:15am and will last until 11:30am at our North location.

How to Register & purchase T-shirt: Click HERE (both team members must register individually)

Cost: $40/athlete (includes event t-shirt!) – 100% of all proceeds donated to CFF!!

$20 for event only – no t-shirt

$25 for t-shirt only – no event)

Weekly WODs:


Monday – NCFit Benchmark WOD “Ripcord”

Our first workout of the week will test our grip as well as our grit. We have 4 rounds for time of deadlifts, chest to bar pull-ups, and running intervals. We’ll finish off the day with some fist bumps, high fives, and some yoga flow!

Tuesday –  Midline Massacre

The name of the game today is midline stability. We have dumbbell bench press, calories on the bike, and wall walks. Today’s challenge is holding a rigid hollow body as we climb the walls in fatigue.

Wednesday –  Squat Day

Be Present. Be Accountable. It’s our favorite strength piece of the week, and being aware of our movement patterns should be top of mind. Our squat checklist should include squatting below parallel, avoiding knee cave, and being aggressive out of the bottom of the squat.

Thursday – 2 Minute Drill

We have lots of movements to perform within a two-minute window in today’s workout. Some of these exercises include hard efforts on the erg, double unders, pushups, and dumbbell suitcase carries.

Friday – Beefcake

Our mission today is strength. We have an alternating EMOM of heavy single dumbbell snatches, goblet squats, and a bodyweight gymnastics complex.

Saturday Community WOD

Come get fit for free! Our 9:00am workout this weekend includes up-downs and alternating single arm thrusters. All abilities are welcome!

Saturday L2

Our level 2 workout this weekend is a butt buster for 18 minutes. We will be incorporating a new movement this week called the “lunging” wall ball toss. The lunging wall ball is a combination a reverse lunge and wall ball toss to a designated target. We will pair our new movement with box jumps, and attempt to stay moving for all 18 minutes!


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