Week In Preview – February 20th, 2017

The first week of the Open has arrived!  If you have any questions about what the Open and CFK Games really is, check out our post at this link.

We need judges for the Open!  If you are signed up for the Open, please go to the games website and take the judge’s course.  It’s pretty short, you’ll learn a lot as an athlete, and you’ll be able to help your friends out at the gym who need judges.

We will also have special edition FNL Red shirts for our athletes only!  Only $10 and only 1 per athlete.  See a coach for more details.

During the Open you’re going to probably feel beat down and need to recover your best.  See a coach about Xendurance, Omega 3s, and some protein options to make sure you are up to your best.

Check out your week ahead!

Monday – Unilaterals and Double Unders

Preparing for the unknown and unknowable, we’ve got some new movements!  Single arm dumbbell snatches, single arm overhead walking lunges, then traditional double unders.  Focus on keeping the midline stable and arm locked out.

Tuesday – Double Open Style

3 rounds of ground to overhead, chest to bar pull-ups, and wall balls.  Fast and dirty, because at the 10 minute mark 3 more rounds of work, this time muscle-ups, deadlifts, and burpees over the bar.  This is meant to all be done very quickly with a short recovery period in between.

Wednesday – Strength and Skill

A wave of heavy thrusters.  3-2-1-3-2-1, working your way up.  Get in some tall box jumps in between each set to focus on being explosive in the legs.  Afterward there will be toes to bar skill work.

Thursday – Track Day

25 min AMRAP of 400 m runs, rest 1:1.  This is meant to be tough running to develop endurance.  Lots of conditioning headed your way over the next few weeks!

Friday – Open Workout 17.1!

The first workout of the Open will be announced Thursday evening at 8 p.m. Eastern Time at games.crossfit.com!  Watch live and get ready for the workout the next day!

Satruday – Partner Calories and Push Jerks

Each partner will complete a full round before you move on.  Start with 40-30-20 of calories on the rower or bike, followed by 15-10-5 of push jerks.  Hard, gut busting intervals on the rower or bike, then heavy overhead.

The week ahead is super fun!  It’s the start of an amazing 5 weeks of training during the Open.

Remember, check out our post about the Open and CFK Games if you are still unclear about what is going on.

If you are participating in the Open you can do your workout Friday during classes at CFK (get a class buddy for a judge!), at Friday Night Lights around town, or on Sunday at CFK.

If you are doing the Open, PLEASE head over to the Games website and take the judge’s course!  It’s a really cool learning opportunity and you’ll be able to help your friends out by being a judge.  If you have any other questions please e-mail Coaches Rick or Scott.

See you on the floor!

-Coach Scott