Week in Preview – February 18th, 2019

“Winners do what they fear.” — Franco Columbu


The Open Starts this Week!


The Open will kick off this Thursday evening and we’ll be throwing down on Saturday and Monday.  You can register to compete and post your scores online at games.crossfit.com, or just show up and compete in house!  Check out this video for more details.




Looking for a little inspiration this winter?  Check out this paleo chili.

And don’t forget to check out the upcoming nutrition seminar this Thursday at West at 5:30 p.m.!


The Week


Monday – Squat Day


Today is test day!  We want you to think ahead for what kind of squat you want to do over the next 5 weeks and test that style of squat.  Still wondering what to do?  If you’ve done more than 2-3 back squat cycles, start looking for some variation.  We suggest doing the blocks like this:  back squat-front squat-back squat-overhead squat.  This keeps you coming back to the back squat for strength gains, but keeps you with the variations to improve positions.


After testing, hit a 21-15-9 triplet of kettlebell swings, box jumps, and air squats.  There is a 7 min time cap so move quickly!


Tuesday – Dubble Bubble


20 min QAMRAP of double unders, power snatches, and bar muscleups.  It’s a great opportunity to work on 3 different challenging movements and improve things we don’t always get to work on.


Wednesday – Sole Cycle


A series of 5 min AMRAPs with burpees over the bar, power cleans, and calorie rows.  The reps will always stay the same, but the weight will go down so you can try to keep your rounds consistent.


Thursday – Crop Top


Get ready for a lot of shoulder and arm work!  Five rounds of wallballs, farmer’s carries, and strict handstand push-ups.  All strict today!  Scaling will be pike pushups and dumbbell strict presses.


Friday – Cardio Buster


Work for 40 minutes alternating between 400 m runs, skis, 1.2k bike, 500 m rows, and 200 single unders.  If you’re getting ready for the Open on Saturday then work for 20 minutes and then spend 15:00 doing skill work and mobility to prep for Saturday.


Saturday – 19.1


It’s the first workout of the Open!  Get signed up for your heats, show up, judge, and have a great time!