Week In Preview, January 31st, 2021

“Passion trumps everything.” 

– Dave Tate

Supplement Spotlight

“All aboard the Gain Train”

BlackMarket Labs


 Are you doing your bicep curls RX? If not, look no further than our Blackmarket Labs L-Citrulline. You’ve probably seen this product in many of the pre-workout supplements that we carry, but might not understand the benefits of this great amino acid. When it comes to crossfit, oxygen delivery is the name of the game. Our high intensity workouts deprive our working tissues of oxygen, which forces us to take recovery breaks mid-WOD.

Blackmarket Labs RAW L-Citrulline

Our exhaustion is a direct result of blood ammonia and lactate levels beginning to spike. L-Citrulline has been found to blunt the rise of blood ammonia and lactate. This great product is also often used as a pumping agent for bodybuilders! Citrulline has the ability to convert to other amino acids that assist in giving you sleeve stretching muscle pump! So if you use L-Citrulline don’t hide the gun show!

Weekly WODs: 


Crossfit  – Plus 1

Our workout begins with three rounds of pull-ups, overhead lunges, and bike calories. Once we’ve completed all three rounds, we’ll catch our breath, and complete one more round of added fun.  It’s important to pace yourself on the initial rounds in order to finish our last round strong.


Burn – Double Kettlebell Pump Session
Our 16 minute AMRAP gives burn athletes the opportunity to run some distances they aren’t used too. We have a 400 meter run followed by double kettlebell deadlifts and push press.


Crossfit  – Shoulder Showdown

Its all forearms and shoulders today as we complete 10 rounds of double-unders, Russian Swings, and sit-ups.  Our efforts on the jump rope should take us no longer than 30 seconds. The Russian swings should challenge the forearms and shoulders, but remain unbroken for the duration of the workout.


Burn – Thirty-Thirty
We’ll be pushing the pace in each 3o second work interval as we complete five sets of each movement. Movements include sit-ups, bike calories, and dumbbell snatches. Don’t be afraid to hit three digit RPMs on the bike!


Crossfit – “The Cali Bear”

We’ve got a total of 40 clean and jerks in today’s workout. Each athlete will perform a clean and jerk every 30 seconds for the entire 20 minutes. This workout not only gives advanced athletes a great strength-endurance test, but gives beginners exposure to one of our key lifts. It’s time to exercise our grit as well as our muscle!


Burn – Med Ball Blowout
Box jumps and med ball squat cleans can make a nasty couple, and when you throw a  sprint into the mix it just gets better. Our workout consists of a fast running interval followed by ten reps of box jumps and med ball squat cleans.


Crossfit – Toes and Tri’s

We’ve got an interval style workout planned for day 4. On a three minute running clock athletes will perform a set of toes to bar and max ring dips in the remaining time. Our score will be the lowest number of dips performed across five rounds.


Burn –  Reps Equal Opportunity
You might need to take a break in the middle of this one! We’ve got lots of fun and lots of reps planned for our daily Burn. You should expect to see kettlebell swings, single-unders, and push-ups. It’s days like this where every rep is an opportunity to improve.


Crossfit  – Power Ball

Surprise! It’s more shoulders. We’ve got a longer duration AMRAP of moderately heavy power snatches, wall balls, and rowing.  The weight on the bar should be something you put down because you want too, not because you have too. It’s best to pick a strategy, and stick with it for all 21 minutes.


Burn –  4×4
We’ve got four, four-minute AMRAPs in today’s 30 minute Burn. We’ve got hang cleans, jump squats, and ring rows.


 Crossfit/ Level 2  –  The Burpee Burner “The Darkest Hour of Your Day”

Belly flops or burpees? We’ll let you decide. Our fifteen minute EMOM will have you huffing and puffing as you aim for consistency across all rounds.  At the top of each minute athletes will perform 8 box jumps into max burpees to target.

Level two has an additional sweat session of rowing intervals and a seriously heavy front squat.

Burn – Saturday Sweat
Our Burn workout for today is an awesome opportunity to get your sweat on! We’ll hit a quick warm-up, and get right to it. We’ve got an alternating EMOM for 20 minutes of burpees, hollow rocks, rowing, and step-ups.