Week in Preview – February 13, 2017

Apologies that the WIP was only in e-mail form last week!  But have you checked out the new website??  It’s pretty cool!

We know schools were closed last week due to illness and some of you may be suffering from that as well.  Nutrition and supplementation are on your side!  Two of our favorite immune boosters at the gym are SB3 Probiotics and Vitamin D3, both by Pure Pharma.  Ask a coach for more details!

The Open is just around the corner!  We’re looking forward to seeing everyone test their fitness and see what this competition thing is all about!

Don’t forget that this coming Saturday will be the Row’d Royalty and Athlete Appreciation Party out North.  We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

Monday – Monostructural Gymnastics

Ten minute work intervals that finish with AMRAPs.  Say what??  Row 2k/1700 m in 10 minutes, with remaining time do some wall balls.  Then run 1 mile in under 10 minutes, and finish out with box jump overs.  Finally, alternating EMOM of handstand holds and hollow holds.

Tuesday – Weightlifting in the Rack!

If you enjoyed the jerk workout and the clean workouts the last two weeks, you’ll love this one!  E3MOM for 7 sets, 3 Front Squats and 1 Split Jerk.  Finish with some gymnastics strength training afterward.

Wednesday – Jump and Thrust

12:00 time cap to do 120-80-40 of double unders alternating with 30-20-10 DB/KB thrusters.  The real time goal is 5 minutes, so move fast!

Thursday – Return of the Row

Row 500, rest; row 1000, rest; row 2000, done!  Yes, this is very similar to Row’d Royalty.  Yes, Row’d Royalty hurt.  Yes, this is a great way to build your engine and be easy on your joints and muscles.  Get it in!

Friday – Clean Kip 15-15-15

Take 10 minutes to work up to a heavy double on power clean, then switch to 5 rounds of 15 power cleans and 15 toes to bar with a 15 minute cap.

Saturday – Partner Barbell

Divide your reps however you want to achieve 42 Deadlifts (315/205), 30 Thrusters (165/115), 18 Power Snatches (135/95) in under 15 minutes.  It’s heavy; it’s fast.  Challenge yourself and your partner today.

The programming looks a little different this week for sure!  It’s still a lot of fun days, but we’re always looking ahead.  Everyone will be ready for the open when it rolls out next week!