Week In Preview, August 9th, 2020

“In training, you listen to your body. In competition you tell your body to shut up.” 

-Rich Froning

Upcoming Events:

Saturday, August 29th – Powell Station Celebration

Don’t forget about the Powell Station Celebration at the end of the month. There will be lots of great activities for the entire family.

Weekly WODs: 

Monday – Footloose

Ready to run? It’s day one and we’re kicking the week off with burpee box jump-overs and interval sprints. You’ll need to pace yourself to stay in the fight for all 7 rounds. Our post workout finisher will consist of 3 sets of shoulder accessory work .


Tuesday – Squat Day Week 7 + 5 rounds of Barbell Blessings

It’s week 7 already! We’ve almost cruised through another 8 week cycle. We hope during the last 7 weeks you have dominated your squat of choice. This week we will do our final weight additions before the big test next week.  The regular squat cycle workout will be followed by a fast paced barbell cycling workout.  On a two minute clock, for 5 sets athletes will perform hang power cleans, front squats, and push jerks.


Wednesday  – Fight Gone Bad Remix

We’ve got a “fight gone bad” style workout for day 3.  We will perform each movement for max reps on a one minute clock before transitioning to the next movement. We will be working through devil’s presses, tuck-ups, renegade rows, and rower calories. Our goal is to pick a weight that we can move consistently with for 50 seconds before transitioning.


Thursday  – AHAP

You may have never seen this acronym before, but please understand things are about to get REAL. We’ll be going as heavy as possible (AHAP) in today’s chipper workout of heavy deadlifts, bar muscle-ups, and bike calories. The weight on the bar should be something you struggle to achieve five reps with. It wouldn’t hurt to use a belt today!


Friday  – Butterfingers

Today’s workout is an excellent test of your grip strength and will power. Your only mission in today’s workout is not dropping the bar. We have a descending ladder of unbroken hang power snatches with rest incorporated in between sets.


Saturday  – Crossfit/Level 2

We have a great strength and conditioning piece planned for the weekend. We’ll kick class off with a strength segment devoted to developing strict pressing strength. We’ll follow it up with bodyweight ninja workout of butterfly sit-ups, running, double unders, and hand-release push-ups.


Saturday  – Burn  Class – Switcharoo

It’s all legs and lungs for today’s burn class. So bring your fellow WOD buddy to our 30 minute partner workout. In our workout, groups of two will work through 8 cycles of 400 meter runs and an AMRAP of wall balls and Russian swings. Each partner will work through the AMRAP of wall Balls and russian swings while their partner is running.