Week In Preview, August 8th, 2021

“It’s not about having enough time, it’s about making enough time.” 
-Rachael Bermingham

Thursday’s New Theme

Aerobic Capacity

What does that mean? What is Aerobic Capacity? In the most simple terms, aerobic capacity is your work capacity; how much activity you can do and for how long. Increasing your aerobic capacity, or work capacity, is crucial to not only getting better at Crossfit, but getting better at real life. One of the easiest to understand examples of it helping you in real life is this: imagine you’re being chased, if you can run for a longer period of time than the person chasing you, then you’ve possibly saved your life. In Crossfit, Rich Froning has been known to work for very long periods of time at a lower lactic acid threshold and heart rate than the average athlete. Why is that? Rich has spent time doing the “non-sexy” training to increase his work capacity. Thursdays are going to be the days where you have two options, either push hard to have a tough workout, or take it easy and allow your body to recover. Either way, you’re going to increase your work capacity.

Let’s get it!

Weekly WODs: 


Crossfit  – Balls to the Wall
It doesn’t get much better than a 1k buy-in to a leg day slay fest! Our workout begins with a 1k row followed by wall balls, deadlifts, and max sit-ups for the remainder of the clock. You’ll have two sets to complete so don’t smoke yourself on the first round.
For Time
Cal Bike/Row
Alt. DB Snatch (Athlete Choice)
16:00 Cap



Crossfit  – Prep your Positions
The focus of today’s strength piece is to nail our first pull from the floor. Any deviation from the starting position in an olympic lift can cause an unstable catch or even worse a missed lift. Today’s conditioning is a 13 minute workout is intended to make athletes find their maximum sustainable pace.  Athletes should bring their ropes to class as well motivation to hang snatch and bike.
Triple AMRAP
7 Ring Row
7 Push Ups
14 Sit Ups
Rest 1:00
5 Ring Row
5 Push Ups
10 Sit Ups
Rest 1:00
3 Ring Row
3 Push Ups
6 Sit Ups


Crossfit – The 4×4
We’re earning sweat and rest in today’s conditioning. We have four, four minute intervals of sprints, up-downs over a bar, and front squats. The intent of this workout is to set a time to accomplish the work in each set and try to match it in the following sets. Let’s be consistent today!
4 Rounds
20 Air Squats
150m Run
*Time remaining, Max Plate G2OH, each break = 5 Burpees


Crossfit – Airway Assault
Conditioning and capability go hand in hand. There’s no limiting factor in today’s workout except your will to push when things get tough. Athletes will either push the pace or pull back in today’s cardio intervals of machine calories and running. Find out what’s just beyond being uncomfortable today!
20:00 To Complete
4min – 3min – 2min – 1min*
(Pick a machine) 
*After each round complete:
20 Hollow Rocks
20 Glute Bridges
20 Banded Bicep Curls
20 Banded Tricep Extensions


Crossfit  – The Limiting Factor
Sixteen minutes is a fairly long time to stay moving in a Crossfit style workout. If it involves complex gymnastics then it can make it increasingly difficult. Our goal today is to pick a gymnastics break up strategy from the start and stay true to it. We have toes to bar, dumbbell hang power cleans, push press, and burpees.
6 Rounds For Time
8 DB Squat Cleans
8 DB Push Press
10/7 Cal Bike
15:00 CAP


 Crossfit  – Bestie Burnout
We’ve got 2 rounds and a lot of ground to cover in today’s WOD.  Our workout starts with a four minute running interval followed by plenty of wall balls and single-arm devil’s presses. It’s a partner WOD so make sure you call all your homies on Friday night so they are prepared for an early morning sweatfest.
3 Rounds
20 Wall Balls
40 Double-Unders
100m Farmers Carry
15:00 CAP