Week In Preview – August 8th, 2017

“You didn’t come this far, just to come this far.” — Unknown

WIP Highlights

The CrossFit Games are here and gone, just like that!  The newsletter is here with your SOGO challenge.  We’ve got some new scaling options to check out.  We’re partnering with Podium Sports to bring you some SCIENCE about your workouts.  Get the Skinny on Fat this month at the nutritions seminar out West!

CrossFit Games

The CrossFit Games is the world championships for our sport.  We all started this journey together back in the Open, watched it progress to Regionals, and step-by-step saw each level put these athletes to the top tests.  It is amazing to watch these athletes complete the challenges set before them, not only in the Individuals, but in the teens and masters.  There are teenagers snatching just under 300 lbs and masters athletes performing at the top of anyone’s game while still leading their normal lives.

You can still see some of it if you head over to the CrossFit Games website.  Check it out!


Your last week is here!  But to see your final challenge you must read the newsletter, which is attached to the WIP e-mail.  When in doubt, refer to the quote at the top of this post.


Most athletes often look at scaling as changing a workout to make it simply more doable when you can’t move the Rx weight or do the movements.  While this is true, it’s only one way we use scaling.

Another way to use scaling, or to modify, is to get a certain physiological response.  In the coming weeks, 1-2 days a week, we will be offering you an alternative scaling option to the Rx workout.  Some of you will remember these.

Strong and Lean

These are not specific programs you have to follow week in and week out.  This is an alternative scaling option which you can do based on how you feel for the day, or what simply seems like more fun for you!

Strong will often have heavier weights, more complex power movements, and possibly a rest interval so you can go harder.

Lean will often get your heart rate up higher with lighter weight and more reps, and last longer.

You may only see on of these on a day, or both, or none!  If you have any questions, as always just ask your coach!

Science in your workout

You may have seen some companies out there offering to analyze your DNA or blood panels to tell you about your workout and nutrition.  We’re teaming up with Dr. Sprouse from Podium Sports Medicine to bring you more information on what’s really happening in your workout and ways that you can get an edge on your health.  Follow this link to read more about the upcoming seminars on August 19th.


You’ll remember that one week of the SOGO challenge had you eating more healthy fats.  If you want to know more about that, why they’re good for you, why sugars are BAD for you, and how to incorporate this in your diet, then sign up for the nutrition seminar out West to learn the Skinny On Fat!

Monday – Fatigued Split Jerks

24 min EMOM with a rest interval built in.  Movements will include calorie sprint on the rower, rope climbs, and split jerks at (205/135) or heavier.  Focus on being explosive in these movements today!

Tuesday – Squat day!

All the squats.  Four sets of 2 front squats, followed by 4 sets of 2 back squats.  Try to start your back squats where your front squats left off.

Wednesday – Helen’s Sister with Strong and Lean

Here it is!  Your opportunity to try out some different scaling options.  This workout is similar to Helen with a 400 m run followed by 21 sumo deadlift high pulls (95/65) and 12 toes to bar.  That’s Rx.

One suggested scaling option for today is:

Strong:  3 rounds, 1:00 rest between

200 m run (RPE 9)

10 SDLHP (135/95)

5 bar muscle-ups

Thursday – Rare movements

Today is two movements we don’t see often:  manmakers and pistols.  Only 3 rounds, but these will take some time.  Choose a scaling option on pistols to get unbroken reps.

Friday – Heavy Thrusters

Descending ladder of thrusters at 135/95 and burpee box jump overs.  Pick a weight so that you can go unbroken on the first 10, then try and stick to that.  It should be a fast burner.

Saturday – Synchro squats

More synchronized work with air squats, plus partner medball sit-ups and some alternating muscleups.  Three rounds of work, but shoot for sub 15.


Are you excited about Strong and Lean options?  Have you wanted to focus on one part of your game, whether it is stamina or strength?  We’ve got some programs coming for you.  Check your e-mail this week and get in on these programs early.  Spots will be limited.