Week in Preview – August 6th, 2018

“Winning takes talent. To repeat takes character.” — John Wooden

Come out to watch the Games!


We’re excited to have you all out to watch the CF Games finals today at West.  We’ll be there 2-5 and see several different events.  If you haven’t been tuning in, it’s been quite a spectacle of fitness.  You can go back and watch events at games.crossfit.com.  They even completed an event yesterday called Chaos where the judges only told the athletes what movement to do, but didn’t tell them how many reps to do until they were done with each station!


Over the Edge!


Johnny has surpassed his goal, but he’s asking for more!  The Restoration House is a great cause and he’s trying to help them out as much as possible (he’s really a big softy).  If you want to help out, please follow this link and give some support!


20 Comittee


Congrats to those who keep on rockin’ it!



Reggie Nichols

Cody Cothron

Matt Garrett

Phillip Burgess

Bill Maddox

Tay Tobin

Alayna Wardroup

Jad Farmer

Micah-John Beierle

Patrick Klepper

Erin Plyler

Jody Kephart

Terry Keltner

Georges Brandan

Hongdin Loi

Bart Russell

Dana Young

Dionne Boswell

Rachel Holland

Tyson Bohannon

Genn Gladwin

John Adams

Ken Knight

Janet Jentilet

Jeffery Dix

Brad Lokitz

Rick Mulholland

Roch Monnig


The Week


Monday – Foul Ball


Start off the week with a long metcon!  Three rounds of 800 m runs, wall balls, and dumbbell snatches.  There is a 30 min cap on this one, so it’s meant to be long!


Tuesday – Recess


Work up to a heavy Turkish Get-up today.  Follow this link for the basics, or this link for a little more detail.  After that we’ll have a 10 min AMRAP of Calorie Whatever and Kettlebell swings.  Calories can be done on any piece of equipment!


Wednesday – Squat Day


Add some weight to your squats today and we’ll stick to 3 min rounds.  Afterward we’ll do a variation of the Bergeron Beep Test.  7 min AMRAP of 7 thrusters, 7 pull-ups, and 7 burpees.  The classic test is to do 1 round every minute for as long as you can.  Think you can get 7+ rounds today?


Thursday – Family Feud


Teams of 3 rotate at each station for 5 minutes.  Prowler pushes, sand bag runs, regular runs, ski, and farmer’s carry.


Friday – Wise Men


Work up to a heavy complex of power clean + front squat + push jerk, then move on to 3 min AMRAPs of Macho Man!  Macho Man is another EMOM of 3 power cleans +3 FS + 3 push jerks and you just go for as long as you can.  Today we’ll be changing weights and taking more breaks, but it’ll be just as fun!  Check out this video for some tips and seeing how some of the top athletes do.


Saturday – Barbed Wire


A variation on benchmark WOD Barbara, complete 4 rounds with a partner of 400 m run, 20 pull-ups, 30 push-ups, 40 sit-ups, and 50 air squats.