Week In Preview, August 30th, 2020

“When you start to treat the light weights like heavy weights, the heavy weights will go up a lot easier.” 

-Ed Coan, American Powerlifter

Is your Repair system broken?

You might have overheard Coach Johnny or Coach Rick talking to athletes about the stress, recovery, and adaptation cycle. CFK’s formula for athlete success is a delicate balance. As a crossfitter, you most likely have experienced some form of physical stress. If you haven’t please see your nearest coach, and we’ll gladly assist you! Finding a balance between too much stress or too little stress is not always an easy task, but is critical to our development as an athlete.  Too much stress can lead to debilitating muscle soreness, and too little stress can leave us feeling a little more fluffy than we would like.  The next and arguably the most important piece of this cycle is recovery. Recovery encompasses many aspects that can stretch from “blacking out” your room at night to your post WOD protein supplement.

Adaptation is the last phase of our cycle. If you allow your body to have sufficient recovery time between periods of stress it will become more strong and resilient. Supplementation with supplements like glutamine are critical in this process. If your training frequency and recovery times increase you will see results in the mirror and on the white board.  It’s time to train, recover, and become the best version of yourself!

Glutamine is one of the most abundant amino acids found in the body and is responsible for tissue repair. It is responsible for providing working tissues with fuel during intense bouts of exercise. During workouts we deplete glutamine and it must be replenished by further intake.  Supplementation with glutamine has been linked to decreased muscle soreness and faster recovery times. 

Weekly WODs: 

Monday – T-Rex

It’s okay to have small arms on today’s workout because it’s all about the legs. We’ll light a match in the posterior chain with 3 rounds for time of longer rowing intervals, sumo deadlift high pulls, and front rack lunges. If this workout doesn’t beat up your bottom-half we don’t know what will!


Tuesday –  Remix to Squat Day + Tabata Shoulder Shock

If you enjoyed last week’s remix on squat day, you’ll love what we’ve got for you this week. We’ll be experimenting with some heavier weights this week as we build to a 2RM. It’s always good to shake out the monotony of the 15:00 5×5, and attack something a little different. We’ll finish today’s workout off with a tabata of wall-balls, push-ups, and wall-ball front squats.


Wednesday  –  Fran’s Step Child

Today’s workout is about efficiency of movement. We have a high skill workout that requires the ability to cycle the bar and we will pair it with a tricky gymnastic skill. It’s 21-15-9 time and we aren’t pumping the breaks during this awesome combo of light snatches and pull-ups. The weight of the barbell should allow each athlete to cycle 8-10 reps of power snatch. Additionally, we want to find a variation of the pull-up where we can knock out each set in fewer than 3 sets.


Thursday  – Burpee Bike Beatdown + Functional Finisher

Grit is one of the most important qualities an athlete can have. If you’ve had trouble getting out of your comfort zone lately we challenge you to make Day 4’s workout a priority. Our workout will give us 3 minutes to crush lots of calories on the assault bike and complete a set number of burpees. Scared? Worried? We we didn’t think so. Let’s get it!


Friday  – Choose your Own Adventure

You’ll have a couple options in today’s workout. We’ll be going from waist to overhead in today’s workout.  Options for the waist to overhead include dumbbell hang clean and jerk or dumbbell hang snatch. Our conditioning will also include the push press and double-unders.


Saturday  – Crossfit/Lvl 2

Our conditioning for both classes will light up the midline and ramp up our heart rates. We’ve got ten sets of running intervals, slam balls, and sit-ups. Level 2’s class will have an added skill portion of dumbbell windmill’s and L-sits. It’s a great day to carve out those abs in both classes!