Week In Preview, August 29th, 2021

“Always make a total effort, even when the odds are against you.”

– Arnold Palmer

Supplement Spotlight

If there were 3 supplements that every Crossfit athlete should be taking it would be Vitamin D, an Omega-3 supplement, and Magnesium. 

If you’ve been needing a few extra cups of coffee to get you going in the morning it might be because your sleep quality has been poor recently. Magnesium is one of the body’s most abundant minerals and when it’s depleted it is apparent. Magnesium helps the body to relax and helps to initiate a restful night of sleeping. 
Before spending all that money on fancy massage guns, floss bands, and foam rollers try sticking to the basics!

Weekly WODs: 


Crossfit  –   Boat Crew Two
We carried the boats last week! This week we’ll check in with more overhead movements. Our 4 round burner consists of dumbbell shoulder to overheads and assault bike calories.
Burn –   “Barfight + Knockout”
Max Effort 500m Row
Rest 3:00
1:00 Max Effort Assault Bike



Crossfit  – “Latman Returns”
If you’re ready to push to a whole new level of beast mode today’s workout is for you. Our long grinder is 24 minutes of chest to bar pull-ups, wall balls, and running. Regardless of the pulling option athletes pick today their goal should be to remain unbroken on each set of wall balls. In the workout, athletes will perform a 400 meter run after each set of wall balls and chest to bars.
40 Double Unders
20 KB Swings
10 Sit-Ups



Crossfit – Christine-ish
It’s one week until the retest on our deadlift cycle. We’ll make some last minute adjustments on our mechanics and prepare to ring that bell next week. We begin the day with a few sets of heavier deadlifts in our strength segment. We’ll  deload for the workout, and prepare to get our sweat on in our WOD.  Movements in the conditioning include box jumps, deadlifts, and rowing. Each athletes goal should be to find a sustainable pace that will allow for unbroken movement.
MIN 1: 12 Burpees
MIN 2: 12 Alt. Dumbbell Lunges
MIN 3: 12 Box Jumps


Crossfit – Interval Inferno
You don’t always have to work through rep schemes to get brutally fit. Today’s workout comes in the form of work-rest intervals. It’s a great idea to pick a lighter kettlebell in order to hang on through multiple rounds of sit-ups, up-downs, and kettlebell swings.
5 Round Partner WOD
P1: 300m Run
P2: Odd Object Hold Until Completion of P1’s Run


Crossfit  – Front Squat Friday
Our strength and conditioning workout for today revolves around the front squat.  We begin class with a small strength session that will allow athletes to prime their legs for the workout. Our workout includes double unders, front squats, and hand-release push-ups.
Burn – “Burn Meets Fran”
For Time
Dumbbell Thrusters
Ring Rows


Today’s workout will include plenty of practice with the snatch. We’ll review the key positions of the snatch in our strength session and follow it up with shoulder intensive conditioning. In the conditioning, athletes will perform running, toes-to-bar, and hang power snatches.
12 Cal Bike/Row
15 Hand Release Push-ups
9 Suitcase DL