Week In Preview – August 27th, 2017

“Confidence in yourself and the belief that you are on the right path, and not led astray by the many tracks which cross yours of people who are hopelessly lost, though some are wandering not far from the true path.” — Seneca


Thanks to everyone who came out to participate in the Guardians for Garrett Kickball Tournament!  Proceeds are going to a great cause.


Athlete Accomplishments


Keep sending in athlete accomplishments to Coach Scott!  This doesn’t have to be gym stuff!  Bought a house?  Graduated?  Quit smoking?  Etc.  Send it in for you or a friend so we can all celebrate it!


Crossover Symmetry

Did you miss this week’s CS workshop?  Get in on the next one this Saturday at 11:00 a.m. out West!


Baseline nutrition seminars will be on Thursdays this month.  6:30 West on the 7th, 6:00 North on the 14th.

Labor Day

We will have limited hours on Labor Day!

West – 8:30am, 9:30am, Noon, 3:30pm, 4:30pm
North – 8am, 9am, Noon, 4pm, 5pm


Virtuosity Practice

Virtuosity:  doing the common, uncommonly well.  Maybe you’ve heard the coaches say this, maybe not, but it is one of the fundamentals of CrossFit.  We strive for virtuosity everyday, but I’ve got a new challenge for you.


We got a lot of extra work done during SOGO (and there will be more of it to come!), but until then, we have some homework for you.  We will begin with our warm-ups.


Warm-ups are often seen as just something to get the blood flowing and we move through them sloppily.  For this week, I challenge you to do your warm-ups with virtuosity.  If there are 10 air squats, do 10 perfect air squats.  Knock out perfect push-ups.   Look for more challenges to come.


The Week

Monday – Triple G Chipper

You may have seen this at the CrossFit Games this year.  100 pull-ups, 80 GHD sit-ups, 60 pistols, 40 cal row, and 20 single arm DB push press (100/70lbs).  We will of course be modifying few things!  Your workout will be 100 sit-ups, 80 pull-ups, 60 pistols, 40 cal row, and 20 single arm DB shoulder to Overhead.  This will most likely be a “get in where you fit in” workout and get a good sweat on.


Tuesday – Snatch Day!

Take 15 minutes to find a 1 rep max snatch!  You’ll have a complex to run through to work on your technique.  There will also be a lean workout with some high rep bar complexes.


Wednesday – Odd Ball Workout

Today’s workout has a little of everything.  Every 8 minutes for 4 sets:  Run, KB Front Rack walk, double unders, and with the remaining time AFTER all of that, power cleans!


Thursday – Get Strong!

A twist on our normal strength workout.  Go through 5 rounds, not for time, of strict ring dips, back squats, and sled/KB pulls.  Press/squat/pull day!  Give maximal effort on each, and adjust the “rx” weights to get the appropriate stimulus for you today.


Friday – Partner Friday

Alternate full rounds with a partner until you both complete 3 rounds.  First workout will be 15 thrusters and 21/15 calories on the bike or rower.  Then at the 17:00 min mark switch to 15 deadlifts and 25 lateral PVC jump overs.  This should be high intensity!


Saturday – Sprint Work

This will be tricky!  Alternate with a partner:  20×100 m runs at near sprint pace.  Then do 200 ft overhead walking lunges, then another 20×100 m runs!  Get some core work in afterward with stretching.

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