Week In Preview, August 22nd, 2021

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Weekly WODs: 


Crossfit  –  Open Season
It’s been awhile since we’ve done dumbbell overhead lunges in a workout, but today is the day! Our strength session before today’s WOD includes three sets of ten back squats. Athletes should bring a pair of shoes they don’t mind running in because we also have running intervals in our conditioning.
For Time
Sandbag cleans
Sandbag squats (bear hug) 
*100m run after each set


Crossfit  – Carry The Boats
Today’s workout is brought to you by inspirational speaker David Goggins. You might need some inspiration before you get yourself into this one because things are going to get REAL, real fast. Get ready for wall walks and thrusters!
Tabata Intervals (:20 Work/:10 Rest)
T1: Burpees
T2: Ring Row
T3: Jumping Air Squat
T4: DB Strict Press
*8 Tabata Rounds of Each Movement


Crossfit – Deadlift Chipper
We kick class off with three sets of ten deadlifts. It is critical that athletes brace properly before returning to the floor on these longer sets. Our fifteen minute chipper will have athletes rowing, deadlifting, and performing sit-ups.  The best way to attack this type of workout is to find the highest sustainable pace an athlete can maintain in order to reduce rest periods. Good luck finishing within the cap!
“Boats and Bros”
3 Rounds 
500m Row
25 Sit Ups
12 DB Hang Squat clean


Crossfit – Shock and Awe
You don’t need bumpers, barbells, and dumbbells to get brutally fit. Athletes will be breathing fire today as they conquer multiple intervals of burpees, double-unders and machine calories.
EMOM x 20
Min1: Cal Bike
Min2: Bar Hang
Min3: Cal Bike
Min4: Farmers Carry Hold


Crossfit  – 100 From the Hang
You’ll be warming up and practicing with the hang snatch before we get into today’s workout. We have 100 hang power snatches for time with a burpee penalty at the top of each minute. It’s best to pick a weight on the bar that you can hold onto for at least 10 reps each minute.
Every 3:00 x 4 rounds
200m Run
12 Alt. DB Snatches
12 Alt. Single DB Front Rack Lunges


Lace your running shoes up because today we’re hitting it hard! We have a descending ladder of front squats, dumbbell jerks, and running intervals. Level two will have an added gymnastics skill session which will focus on kipping bar muscle-up development.
4 MIN AMRAP x 4 Sets
5 Devils Press
10 Wall Balls
20 DU