Week In Preview – August 21, 2017

We all have dreams. But to make dreams come into reality , it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, discipline and effort.”

— Jesse Owens


We are open Monday!  Enjoy the solar eclipse and get some super powers when you come to the gym!


Get the Skinny on Fat this week with Coach Sara at her nutrition seminar teaching you all about the different types of fats, why we need fats, and how to incorporate them into your diet.  Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. out West!

Vote for us!

In case you didn’t see, CFK was nominated in City View’s best of the best!  Please help us win our categories by following this link.  You have to vote in 50 categories for your vote to count, so have some fun with it and find some other local businesses you enjoy!

9/11 WOD and T-shirts

This year to honor the fallen on September 11th we will be doing a special workout of 9 movements at 11 reps each, after a 2001 meter row.

We are selling some great shirts for this cause as a fundraiser for the Travis Manion foundation.  Shirts will be $25, running Small to 3XL, women’s and men’s sizes, no tanks, and Next Level sizing, so size up if you’re unsure!


Fall Endurance Programs

Did you see that we have some upcoming running programs?  Step your game up and check out this blog post to learn more!



Guardians for Garrett Kickball tournament is going down this weekend!  We need to get some teams together!  Tell a coach or just e-mail coach Rick ([email protected]) if you want to participate!  It’s for a good cause to fight a degenerative and terminal illness!


Movement Tip – Muscle Ups

Do you feel like you have the strength for muscle ups, or are you really close but just get into a bad position?  Check out these videos about mobility for the bottom of a ring dip and muscle up!


The Week

Monday – Gymnastics and Weightlifting


The core of CrossFit!  Two parts today:  A) Weighted pistols, ground-to-overhead, and muscle ups.  B) ring push-ups, ground to overhead, and muscle ups.  Lots of scaling options today, and check out those sweet videos about muscle ups!


Tuesday – Run, thrust, jump


Descending ladder of running, empty bar thrusters, and jumping pull-ups.  Should be a sustainable pace, but continual movement.


Wednesday – Push and pull


In groups of 3 work through 9 rounds of bench press and rowing.  One person will be resting and spotting.


Thursday – Squat Day


5×5 front squats, climbing in weight.  Attempt to find a 5 RM for the day.  Weighted pull-ups afterward.


Friday – Wall balls and Deadlifts


This one’s a burner!  5 rounds of 20 wall balls and 10 deadlifts.  Move fast and try to go unbroken the entire time.


Saturday – Team Bar Fight


Not our typical 500 m sprint!  Check this out at the CrossFit Games, then in teams of 2 complete 80 chest to bar pull-ups, 60 toes-to-bar, and 40 ground to overhead at 205/145.

Check out this video of the Master’s 35-49 doing this workout as individuals.  Skip ahead if you want to see the top competitors!