Week In Preview, August 15th, 2021

“The best thing you can do is master the chaos in you. You are not thrown into the fire, you are the fire.”
-Mama Indigo


Class Changes

Tuesday : Normal Schedule, No Changes (West 6:45pm)

Thursday: NO CLASS (Open gym workout will be posted on the board at West, if you want to train!) 

Saturday: WEST ONLY at 9am (No class at NORTH)


Weekly WODs: 


Crossfit  –  The Sizzling Sequel
We’ve got a big back day to kick off the week! Athletes should expect to see a two part workout. In part one, athletes will perform an AMRAP of bike calories and strict-pullups. Part two addresses a more dynamic pull as athletes complete 50 kipping pull-ups into a 40/30 calorie bike. Don’t be ashamed to scale today if needed.
Burn (Benchmark WOD – “Cindy”)
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-Ups
15 Air Squat


Crossfit  – Back to Back
It’s a two-piece strength and conditioning workout today! We begin with our regularly scheduled squat cycle which will continue to prioritize building volume under load. We’re looking to finish our three round workout close to the cap today. Our conditioning will challenge your front rack position as it becomes fatigued from kettlebell swings, kettlebell lunges, and front squats.
MIN 1: 200m Run
MIN 2: 10/10 SA Suitcase Deadlift
MIN 3: Max Plank Hold


Crossfit – Overhead Overhaul
It’s all about the shoulders in today’s workout. We begin with a strict press strength session followed by more pressing in the conditioning. Athletes will be pressing and performing either sit-ups or v-ups in our 6 round workout.
For Time
50 Wall Balls
40 Sit-ups
30 Weighted Sit-ups
20 Burpees
10 DB Clusters (Squat Clean + Thruster)
16:00 Cap


Crossfit – Capacity Builder
EMOM are a great way to increase our capacity to perform work. If 21.1 wasn’t a great experience this year then today’s workout will give you a chance to workout the kinks on your wall walks. We also have running, odd object holds, and rowing.
6 Rounds (1:40 on/ :20 off)
Machine of Choice
Rest 2:00 after 3 Rounds


Crossfit  – Deadlift Day
It’s time to celebrate the king of strength building! In today’s conditioning athletes want to find a weight they are comfortable cycling sumo deadlift high pulls for multiple reps. Our workout also includes sprints and box jumps. Don’t leave your hips at home!
Burn ( Benchmark WOD – “Dumbbell DT”)
5 Rounds for Time
12 DB Deadlifts
9 DB Hang Power Clean
6 DB Shoulder to Overhead


 Crossfit  – Partner WOD
Today’s daily sweat session can be accomplished as a single athlete or as a team. Both workouts will include rowing, power cleans, thrusters, and burpees. This workout is a grind so don’t kick things off too fast on the rower. Level 2 will have an added skill development session of bar muscle up or chest to bar practice.
Every 3:00 x 4
2oom Run
20 Push-ups
20 Alt. Lunges