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Week in Preview – August 14, 2017

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“Don’t be surprised by the results you didn’t get from the work you didn’t do.” — Unknown


You made it through SunzOutGunzOut 2017!  I was truly inspired by how many people committed the whole way through, getting to classes earlier and earlier each week or staying later and later.  You guys are awesome and we are proud to be your coaches.


Now that you have prepped all that volume, it’s test week!  We will be doing several benchmark tests throughout the week, so get your mind right!

Health and Wellness

By now you have all probably heard us talk about the FREE Lecture with Dr. Sprouse this weekend.  We hope many of you will attend, and hopefully bring along some friends or family.  Dr. Sprouse is an expert in his field, working with high level athletes from several different disciplines.  He will be answering questions about how you can achieve optimal health.


Perhaps you have already improved your health.  You feel leaner, faster, fitter, and that’s awesome.  Many athletes have even spoken about blood panels and test results from their physicians with dramatic improvements, and that is amazing and we’re so happy to hear those stories.


We want to take it even further.  We easily forget that “normal” in health is not the same as optimal.  In fact, many studies show that normal today is the same as sick 30-50 years ago.  So that’s why we want to help you be optimal and reach your best potential.  Come out to the lecture, learn some stuff, and get motivated!

Team Running and Team Weightlifting

Spots are filling up fast!  We’re running specialized programs to help improve your workouts in the coming weeks, and for down the road.  If you want to crush the run in workouts or get stronger and move weight more efficiently, check out this post and contact us!


Guardians for Garrett Kickball!

The 4th annual Guardians for Garrett Kickball tournament is next weekend and we want to get some teams together!  We need 10 people per team, and we’d like one from West and one from North.  Check out the details on this Facebook link, then tell a coach if you want to sign up!  Let’s get the ball rolling!


The Week – Get ready for some tests!

Before we get into these workouts, let’s look at testing in CrossFit a bit.  We are not games level athletes.  We are not even regionals level.  We are a community of individuals who like to be together, work hard, and strive for the best health we can achieve, whether we identify that with PRs on our back squat, running our fastest 400 m, having 6-pack abs, or by just feeling better when we go about our day.


We all have a different definition for success and improvement.  Going in to this week, be aware that several of the workouts are built to push you to your limits as a test.  If you have performed the test before, then hopefully you improve.  If not, you’re setting your benchmark.  If you have to scale, record exactly how you scaled so that we know next time.  In CrossFit we want things to be measurable, observable, and repeatable.  We want to control as many outside variables as we can so that we may see if we’re improving.


So get pumped!  Get excited to see how far you’ve come.  Make a plan after the week of where you want to go!  Talk to a coach about goal setting and what is attainable and how you can get there.  And have fun.  We don’t do benchmark workouts often, but this week you get 3 of them.


Monday – DT

A classic CrossFit hero wod which we’ve done numerous times in the past and has been featured at the 2015 and 2016 CrossFit games with a twist (both heavy and double DT!)  We’re going with the standard today of 5 rounds of 12 Deadlifts, 9 hang power cleans, and 6 push jerks at 155/105.  Cap at 15:00.


Tuesday – Running and Front Squats

You’ll remember this design!  Every 7 minutes for four sets you have 5 minutes to run 800 m and get in your max front squats.  So you’ll be guaranteed a 2 minute rest.  But the weight will be 225/155!


Wednesday – Cindy

Another CrossFit classic, the benchmark workout Cindy.  20 min AMRAP of 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, and 15 air squats.  Lots of scaling options, and just try to keep moving.


Thursday – Push and pull

Build up to a heavy push press, but work on some sand bag cleans as well!  There will also be a lean option today with some rowing sprints.  Pick your poison!


Friday – Snatch day

Focus on good mechanics while we build up with 2 power snatches every 90 seconds.  Practice good form, because we’re following it up with Isabel, 30 power snatches at 135/95.


Saturday – Team 12:00 AMRAP

Pick your partners ahead of time if you want to crush this one.  1 runs 100 m with a sandbag, 1 does thrusters, 1 does toes to bar, and one does burpees.  The sandbag run sets the pace, but score reps on everything else.

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