Week in Preview – April 9th, 2018

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.” — Winston Churchill


Thanks to everyone who came out to CFK Games 2018!  It was a blast!  As much fun as the competition was, it was so thrilling to see the community cheering and the encouragement for every single athlete throughout the day.  We are already looking forward to the training throughout the rest of the year as we all continue to improve.


Looking to step up your game a little bit after the games?  Get to a workshop this weekend!  CrossOver Symmetry at North and Baseline nutrition at West.  These are great opportunities to add something to your game outside of classes.


If that’s not motivation enough, check out this article from Crossfit.com.  The CrossFit journal has a ton of great resources and they are currently running a 6 part series on weight loss and nutrition.  Check out this article!


The Week


Monday – Squat Day


Don’t skip leg day!  Only 3.5 min rounds today!  We’ve got some gymnastics work after the squats today with handstands and muscle-ups.


Tuesday – Christine


Three rounds of rowing, deadlifts at bodyweight, and box jumps.  This one will be heavy on the hamstrings, so make sure to stretch afterward!


Wednesday – 50-50


You’ve seen this style of workout before.  Teams of 3 work through a series of 7 min AMRAPs of push press, front squats, and hang power cleans.  As a team, complete 50 reps of each at ascending weights.


Thursday – Mean Machine


Three rounds of some favorite cardio movements:  calorie row, shuttle runs, and…burpees!  Try to keep your score consistent each round.


Friday – Power Trip


Work to a heavy double of power snatch before moving to a 15 min AMRAP of power snatches, wall balls, and double unders.


Saturday – Wreck Yourself


Seems like this could be every CrossFit WOD name?  Work with two partners throw running, rope climbs, and sandbag cleans!  The run stays the same, but the cleans and rope climbs keep going up!


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