Week In Preview, April 4th, 2021

“Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” 

 – John Wooden

Training Spotlight

In just a few short weeks Tristar Rowing will be holding a rowing camp in Louisville, Tennessee. If you’ve got a free weekend ahead of you then this is a great opportunity to get better at a weakness, or make a strength even stronger.


Weekly WODs: 


Crossfit  – Athlete Choice

In today’s workout athletes will pick a weight that allows them to focus on each rep, but maintain a steady pace throughout the workout. Quick singles will be the preferred method of breaking up the barbell reps. Athletes should expect to see plenty of power snatches and lateral burpees in today’s WOD.

The format of our 3-6-9 AMRAP will leave little time for breaks in today’s workout. Athletes should expect to see ring rows, burpees, and wall balls.



Crossfit  – Training Day

We won’t score today’s workout, and will focus on getting some good ole’ quality movement. Today’s workout is 5 sets of 1 minute intervals. Movements include double-unders, walking lunges, running intervals, mountain climbers, and glute bridges.

The legs will get smoke-checked in today’s workout! We have a high intensity sprint followed by alternating dumbbell lunges, rower calories, and push-press.



Crossfit – 3 Round Burner

Our workout for today will send your heart off to the races! Our three round workout includes sit-ups, slam balls, and hang squat cleans. There will be no score on today’s workout.

It’s all about the bells on day 3. We have kettlebell suitcase deadlifts, Russian Swings, and double-unders.



Crossfit –  Gymnastics Pull Of Choice

Our twenty minute sweat fest will give athletes an opportunity to pick their own individual gymnastics pulling option. Our workout will also include bike calories, rope climbs, and kettlebell suitcase carries. The carries will tax your grip so be sure you are prepared to climb the rope when the time comes.

Burn class will be getting ROW-sted today. We have three cardio intervals of running, rowing and biking planned for today.



Crossfit  – Diane

Diane or 45 head smashes for time? You decide! Our deadlift and handstand push-up WOD will test each athletes ability to brace their core under fatigue. The deadlifts will tax the midline and give any athlete a difficult time maintaining stability on the wall.

Today’s class is a descending ladder of dumbbell hang squat cleans and up-downs. Our workout gives athletes an opportunity to become more familiar with receiving the dumbbells in a full-depth squat.



 8am Crossfit – “Straight 100”

Another day, another benchmark. We have 100 reps of rower calories, wall balls, and box jumps. You’ll be able to claim your title as the quad god after this one!

10:15am Crossfit – Level 2

10:15am gets an extra piece of fun in the form of 5 sets of paused front squats.

We’ve got a gun show this weekend! Our workout is an alternating 16 minute EMOM of bicep curl to presses, sit-ups, box step-ups, and mountain climbers. Leave your sleeves at home!